21 years have passed since the occupation of Zengilan

29.10.2014 | 11:08

zenOn October 29, 1993 Armenian aggressors completed the occupation of 20 % of Azerbaijani lands with the occupation of Zengilan. Hired armed forces of Armenia began a large-scale attack Zengilan region as well as settlements along the Araz river of Jabrayil and Fuzuli on October 24-25, 1993.
Zengilan region is located in the Lesser Caucasus along Araz river . Hekeri, Okchu, Besitchay and Araz rivers run through the territory of it. It borders on the Armenian republic in the west and north-west, Iran Islamic Republic in the south and south-west, Gubadli in the north, Jabrayil in the east.

The territory of the region which situated on the Baku-Julfa-Nakhchivan railway and has strategic importance, consisting of 700 km2 and its population was more than 35 thousand.
After the occupation Minjivan station ,which Baku-Minjivan-Gafan railway station pass, was completely destroyed. Before the occupation the region consisting of a city, a settlement and 83 villages and it has 9 pre-school institutions, 19 primary schools, 15 secondary schools, a vocational and a music school, 35 libraries, 8 culture houses, 23 clubs and 22 cinemas. Generally, 188 people were killed from the Zengilan region during the I Karabakh War . At present, approximately 35 thousand residents settled in different regions of Azerbaijan as displaced people. During the war 44 residents of region were lost and their fates are unknown to this date.

Asad Asadov and Nuriyev Elnur who died in the battles for Zengilan were honored with the title of the National Hero of Azerbaijan.
Zengilan region has an ancient history, it is proved by historical sources. The region which is located at the crossroads of East and West has been the main connecting point of trade. The ancient history of the region, castles, archeological artifacts and specimens found during excavation, ancient coins and household ware prove it. A lot of ‘pot” graves ( ‘pot’ graves existed from B.C. II century to the beginning of our century in Azerbaijan) found during the farm work in the 1960s in the territory of region and tens of coins minted to the name of Alexander IV-II century B.C. prove that the region has played an important role in international trade since ancient times.
According to geographer and historian Qazwini Hamd who lived in the fourteenth century, Zengilan was founded 15th year of Hijra date, i.e. in 636.

At present Armenian continue ecological terrorism in Zangilan region.
As a result of constant fires burned by Armenians a large part of the territory were reduced to ashes,vegetation, reservations and valuable trees have been destroyed by Armenians.






29.10.2014 11:08

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