Andranikisim (part I )

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1400566049_1398155534_qqqThere is no doubt that Andrakinizm is stayed in the leading place among national manifestation which has important place among Armenian ideological movements. And Armenian ideologists always put Andrakinism as the existence element of Armenism. Swelling, overstating the life and activity of Andranik they have aims to make hero of Armenian nation, savior from him and also to join all Armenian organizations in the world around that idea. Most of them try to spread that formula attracting attentions to the role Andranik played in the history and try to turn it to the propaganda mean as national thought type. They claim that the idea and activity of Andranik Sasunlu (he is called like this in literature) to modern period and sometimes the initiatives of modernization will be resulted with that Armenian nation will master the national thought system which they never had from old times.

Anyway, people who think like this think this and we can consider them right in one case, Andranikism is an acceptable system into Armenian youth brought up in national soul and in old society. In the roots of political organizations and social society there is an illness of annihilation of other nations and chauvinist thoughts. It was not difficult to “find” in which root Andranikism is based on for Armenian ideologists. They put visantism as basic. As id Andrakinism came as a continuation of Visantism.


Visantism- is political ideology which immortalizes orthodox traditions. In historical development period visantism ideology began to form when Christianity became official state religion in Roma Empire. “Visantism” term began to be worked on only in XIX century by Russian philosopher Constantin Leontyev. This ideology which immortalized Byzantine Empire for thousand years (395-1453) was formed in Russia as “Russian visantism”.


In Christian countries in Europe they say “visatism is common thought, ideology of Christian nations”. Armenian ideologists also claim that vistantism, mean ideological part of Christian religion comes from Bysantism which is characterized to join most nations. Because Armenians consider themselves older Christian nations than other Christian nations. They declare that established new movement dictating this formula to Russian philosophers. Russian and Armenian philosophers write texts and make researches about this topic in different journals. One of them, the thoughts of N.S.Severikov about the andrakinism movement as a part of visantism is interesting. In his article named “Andrakinism as Byzantine idea” (Н.С.Севериков “Андраникизм как бизантиская идея», “Yerkramas” org.14 ноября 2010) he describes three thing in character of Andranik Sasunski (he calls Andranik Ozanyan like this) : 1) intense labor on the way of finding moral strength for happiness of people 2_ As Andranik had extraordinary efforts and energy to join people 3) the creative activity of andranikism to gain rooty changes in all fields of human life. Due to Severikov the heart of that man (Andranik) who was a terrorist leader not humanist was against unjustness. He was fighting not looking to racist discrimination, religious and national differences. Look how he gives right to how Andranik poured blood. Despite of in what lever Severikov knows about the life and activity of Andranik it is openly seen that these sentences are product of one of group of Armenian nationalist brains. Armenians often use such methods. Or they get foreign author, make him to write article or book that they want in different ways, or they write themselves and make that author to sign that nonsense. Most probably Severikov is the last one. In articles which that author wrote about Andranik very often (Севериков Н.М. Солдат нации угнетенных, «Специалист» journal, 2005, № 6, с.35) the main line is to gloss the crimes of Andranik, to praise him, to swell that he had humanist activity, and to tell that he did this for the sake of other nations. Also as if the does not differ anybody is a philosophical thought system and the idea “to support people exposed to oppression” is visantism, mean is universalism theory which is a part of visantism, is humanist value and so on. (Севериков М.М. «Андраник Сасунский и наша ероха». «Исторические науки» 2005 №4.с.50)


Let’s look if that person, mean Andranik Ozanyan has any relationship with visantism? Or if a person who dyed all places he passed to blood with executioner army with the arm in the hand could have any idea? He was busy on killing people without differing woman, child, and old people. In what world sight we can speak about? Severikov and other andranikists know better what role had this man in history, they try to make Russians who are faced with new problem called “Caucasus problem” believe in that andranikism can be more attractive by frightening them with panturkism today. To relate it to visantism is the wanting of swell religious fanaticism. Other Russian author S.N.Trubetskoy even tie the future fortune of Russia with mastering that idea, other author philosopher P.A.Florenski tells that visantism always was “a source which has not any mean in hands” for Russian nation.


Visantism played important role in social dissemination of humanity as historical form of Christianity but t was never told for thousands years. Andranikism term in Philosophical-political terminology is already fact and it is impossible to tie it with only Armenians. Andranik of course guarded Christians from Muslims. But he used such ways to realize this. He gathered people in one place and burnt, cleaved women’s stomach and passed babies on bayonets, tied hot samovar on waists of old men. Was this visantism? If this was visantism then this idea is close to fascism.

Due to other Russian philosopher Y.Yastrebov andranikism is alternative to vahhabism and muridism. S.V.Volkov suggested to look at it as an alternative of “shamilism”. Look you can see how this idea is based on false and insidious purposes.


K.A.Zaletski consider andranikism-vizantism against panturkism the best alternative while commenting about “Caucasus problem”. The problem is that, these researchers are afraid that Russia can lose position in Caucasus and they cannot find any new thought system, ideological basic to repair that position. Because “Caucasus problem” is going to change in a way which is not good for Russians and Russians has no way, they should accept that change. While putting the nonsense named Andranikism, in reality they want to use Armenians as a mean as in the beginning of XX century, because any nation in Caucasus wanted to be such ridiculous mean for them. They will never change.


Such processes can be now too. In the middle of XIX century they put “Eastern problem” in order to break Ottoman Empire. After for a while it was known that this problem is unnatural and there is no effect in political meaning, they changed not its meaning, not the wish of realize but its name. While putting “Armenian problem” they considered the attraction of Armenian nation for this job, because they always betrayed their masters in history. For this specialty they always attracted the attention of empires. They have become a toy from Romanians to Persians, from Byzantines to Ottomans. May be this was their existence struggle, but it was out of humanity. In the years when “Armenian problem” was in mode, while looking throw the activity and establishment of gangster bands we can see that the main wish of those groups was to poor blood and cut a human. Andranikism is this. There are no ideas like “a struggle against injustice” or “humanist activity for humanity” in the basic of idea named andranikism which was made up by Severikov and other Russian authors. Look how was the humanist activity of Andranik. One example from his life: “during his activity in Eastern Anadoly while killing the group leader called Ave he killed his wife and children because he did not want them to revenge him in future. If explain in modern language, he did not let any track in places he passed. While attacking to Turkish village he ordered his gangsters not to let even one witness there. Andranik Chelebyan who wrote a book about Andranik tried to idealize him in his book named “Zoravar Andraniki yev Hay Heğapoxaqan Şarjumi” but could not be far to explain how executioner was he. These sentences given from the tongue of Chelebyan Andranik shows who he was: “… after he listened those confessions we killed him, his wife and children and left home. In order to annihilate one betrayer and his generation we destroyed the whole home. In order to give lesson to other betrayers and to show to Turks and Kurds that Armenian patriot is avenger we should do this. We always were cruel to any hand rose to Armenian patriot. Now we should find a way to punish the chief of Kherzan Bshare Halili”. Then the whole generation of Bshare Halil was annihilated by Andranik. His fault was that as if he informed Turks, government about that Andranik was there.


Though Agbyur Serop (A.Chelebyan) was the leader of Andranik Ozanyan who is the great fighter and leader of Armenian history he was killed by Andranik too. A man who intentionally spread information that Agbyurun was killed by Bshare Halil and then who told to the chief of Kurdish ashiret that” I killed Bshare Halil just for this” was Andranik himself. In other words, he went in the way cleaning all problems in his way, playing the function of the “only executioner”. Is this andranikism? Look and imagine the head of Bshare Halili on bayonet while they showed it in Mush streets and you will be witnessed what wildness did Armenians to Kurds. And in the book of Chelebyan there is a stage where Andranik tells how he killed Bshare Halili, how he told “You cut the head of Serop Pasha while he was dead. But I will cut your head while alive”. Is this andranikism? Then look what happened: “As his hood tied his throat it prevented me. I was nervous and shouted: Gevork, take this hood out. Gevork pulled the hood of Halili out. I stroke my knife to his throat. Cut his throat until larynx. Blood went out with strange voice. Then in the second stroke his head fell on ground and his headless body began to writhe on the floor”. How nice philosophy is this”? This is named andranikism?


Look, this is the philosophy of Andranik Pasha, Andranik cut-throat. This is some torture stages where they confess. But nations live in this region, their thousands witnesses know how many heads they cut from 1890 until 1920 years. Andranik told not to let any witness in the places they pass. Are Severikovs ashamed while they tie all these characters Andranikism- meaning killing people to humanism?

Andranik called himself the “soldier of nation exposed to tortures”. Armenian nationalist ideologists who are his continuers try to claim tht Andranik defensed in the same level orthodoxes, Armenians, kurds, Assyrians, Greeks, bolgarians who were exposed to genocide by Turks and he based on visantism idea in that struggle, tried to build new world for all nations. This is also nonsense. The executioner tracks of Andranik is everywhere of Eastern Anadolu and Caucasus.


Wasn’t it Andranik who put the nonsense as if there was conspiracy against him in Darig village of Mush in 1904 and killed all Turk and Kurdish population of village? This man who had a mission to make an Armenian state in the region enjoyed killing Christians and deporting them from their lands. After some time we see him in Geneva. He went to the editorial office of “Droshak” (Flag) newspaper which was the organ of Dashnak party and presented the dagger which he cut the head of Bishare Halili. Then he decided to live in Bolgaria. For the love to bolgars? Never. He had aim to make Armenian state there if historical condition will let. Andranik thought in those years that he will not gain anything without the help from foreign countries. Andranik did nothing for bolgar nation while lived in Bolgaria until 1914. He asked for help from bolgarians to make volunteers army. The fact that he got 600 frank salary from Bolgarin government shows that he became an instrument in the hand of bolgarians, he wsa given golden medal for killing turks. How it can be right that an Ottoman citizen has such position against his country? Why Armenians who fought against Ottoman Empire from Russian side in I World War and that murder did not think that the billions their citizens in the country can be in danger? In contrary, instead of thinking this, they sent arms to Armenians who live there and they fought against their country. From 1914 until 1917 180.000 Armenian fought against Ottoman by Russian side. These are all facts. While adopting Tehcir law in 27th May of 1915 Ottoman state considered that Armenian danger. The greatest decision which Ottoman state ever adopted was the decision about move of Armenians from Anadoly. There could not be rightest decision for that period. The state leaders of Armenia in 1918-1920 repeatedly noted that Andranik and people like him were reason for adopting that decision. Why if the man who stays in the head of andranikism cuts heads, brought people danger and death this ideology is not damned? Now Armenians call that death and blood ideology andranikism and want to be busy on false theory. In “Andranik pasha” book of Chelebyan (Chelebyan Andranik, Andranik Pasha, Translation from Armenian language Mariam April and Nairi Arek, Peri publishing house, Istanbul- 2003, pg.76) it is described how Andranik cut the head of his rival cold-bloodedly, how he devoided of him from the life without feeling sorry. Then there is the photo of that murder while riding a horse with a dagger in his waist… The appearance he had in the day when he cut the head of Halili. There is no any sense in his face. If we did not know reality we would think that he did not kill some people but hunted some partridges. But when human becomes wolf he looks like this. Is this Andranikism theory?! It would not be so difficult to know what is hidden in the background of real personality of Andranik who is the hero of lots of books in Armenia.

to be continued…




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