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20.05.2014 | 10:09

1400566049_1398155534_qqqGafar Chakhmagli

Philosophy Dr. of the political sciences

Armenians are expecting a new “Ararat” from the originally Turkish film director.

“The best way of delivering the false “Armenian genocide” to the world’s attention is filming activity.” This opinion was sounded is one of the assemblies of the State Commission headed by the Armenian president which was dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the false “Armenian genocide”. In one of the commission assemblies which were decided to be a secret the issue of filming on that theme by Fatih Akin a German film director (who was originally Turkish) was discussed and then this issue was informed to media. Now Fatih Akin admits that he produced the film named “The Cut” dealing with “Armenian genocide”.


Armenians have been making pressures with feature film on Azerbaijan and Turkey in the ideological was for 15-20 years.


One of their “most successful projects” was the film “Ararat” made in 2002. Its director is Atom Yegoyan, a Canadian born Armenian, but Fatih Akin is a German born Turk. Both of them are considered as famous directors. The names of both are on the agenda of the media. Is it natural for them to address the “Armenian genocide”? Of course, we can’t identify them. It is possible to understand Atom Yegoyan. He made the film “Ararat” affirming his nationality, serving Armenianism perfectly. Armenian Diaspora made a lot of efforts to get Oscar for this film. They managed to get many awards taking the film to all the festivals. There were incredible sales: The film had already been bought by France. Great Britain, Germany and Spain even before it was made. What did these countries know about that film before its production? The only thing they knew was that it would be possible to confuse Turkey. Then the diplomatic formations of those countries made lots of efforts to demonstrate the film in Turkey. Why was that film taken into such a consideration? Anyway it wasn’t the first “work” done on this theme.


Although Armenian ideologs had written a lot of works and books before, the feature of this film was the support of the West to Armenians to achieve their goals. The European in the part of a clerk, as well as the American working as a doctor in Eastern Anadolu in 1915 were the wheels of Armenian ideological car, at least in its role.

15 million dollars was spent on “Ararat” film by Atom Yegoyan. The money was paid by the Christian foundations of Europe and America, not Armenian Diaspora.


Now Yegoyan is working on a new film. When coming to “Gold apricot” festival in Yerevan in July 2013, Yegoyan says that he will definitely make a new film until 2015. Together with “Ararat”, in the first ten minutes of the film titled “Mayrik” (“Mother”) directed by originally French Ashot Malakyan, there is a “massacre story”, after that it dealt with the struggle of an Armenian family who moved to France and wanted to continue their live in that country.

Armenians spend incredible money on films. The filming of the book titled “The nest of a field bird” by an originally Italian author Antonio Arslan was characterized as one of the most successful examples by Armenian press. In those films there was a dishonest propaganda of a massacre. Armenian press deals with the filming of the book titled “Forty days in Musa mountain”. The novel is based on the events happened in an Armenian village at the foot of the mountain Musa before the deportation in 1915. It was written by an Austrian Frans Verful.


Armenians resisted the jandarmas who had come for deportation. There was nothing else. After reading the novel one can’t feel “a massacre” conclusion. But it was presented as an Armenian heroism in the media. At the time Yegoyan’s film earned fame, because in that film Armenians’ main goal coincided with the antiturkish policy of other countries and they completed one another. So what was the role of this film? After 2002 in European countries “Armenian massacre” became the main part of the state policy.

Being one of these countries, France would launch a new law for condemning those who were against “Armenian genocide” to a punishment, Switzerland would carry it out and Doghu Perinjak, who said in a conference “Armenian genocide” is based on lies would be sentenced to 90 days’ imprisonment (finally justice found its way and the European Court abolished that conclusion.


The mentioned films serve these purposes. Therefore it wouldn’t be right to consider the author of the idea to be only Armenian Diaspora.

The demonstrating of the 1915 year events as a genocide against Armenians and spreading it in the world means constraint of Turkey. And who stars in the film? Atom Yegoyan is a Canadian Armenian. The film stars a French Armenian Sharl Aznavur. The other actors are from Armenia. The scenes happen in Van, at the foot of Agri mountain. The starring “actor” is the West. The West that wanted to plead Turkey guilty in the crime that hadn’t been committed. In this film Armenian terror is justified, because they are Turk’s enemies. The little “Ararat” hasn’t been chosen by chance. Armenians had made Ararat, that is, Agri mountain “sacred” for every Armenian changing it their national symbol. It isn’t random that Agri mountain is described on the Armenian coat of arms.


Actually it was a territorial claim against Turkey and however Turkey didn’t protest it. Seeing that there was no reaction against their claims, Armenians went forward demanding Ararat on the level of president. If you remember, in one of the Armenian language and literature competition a pupil asked such a question: “Can we get Western Armenian lands back together with Agri mountain?” In return Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan answered: “We got Karabakh, you must get Agri mountain.” So for the realizing of that duty ordered by the president Serzh Sargsyan it was necessary for Atom Yegoyan to make the film “Ararat”. Of course, it hadn’t been made by chance. As you see no protest was made against this aggressive statement (except Azerbaijan and Turkey). However there were such people in Turkey that they supported this opinion. There are still such people in Turkey. Armenians are eager to take advantage from originally Turkish researchers in the preparatory stage of the 100th anniversary of “Armenian genocide” in 2015. The best example of this is Toner Akchan who has been working for Armenians for years. He invites his Armenian friends as “Turkish literature people” to Armenia forcing them to help them. There are journalists, author and researchers among them, too. Hasan Jamal, Ali Bayramoglu, Fatiye Chetin, Orhan Pamuk are such people. Some of them support Armenians claims joining eagerly the conferences organized by the Armenian government and Diaspora. They have occupied a great place in the Armenian media. The teacher of Clerk University in the USA, historian professor Dr. Taner Akchan is very active nowadays. The books written by him are a propaganda method for Armenians by spreading in different countries. The presentation of his books titled “Young Turks’ human crimes”, “Armenian genocide” and “Ethnic clearing in Ottoman Empire” has been held in Yerevan.


The reason of these people’s betray is known to public. I wouldn’t like to mention their names any more. But one of them – Fatih Akin must be dealt with. Although he is originally Turkish, he is going to make a film in the mentioned theme and what’s more, much stronger than that of Yegoyan’s. Armenians are looking forward to seeing his film “The Cut”. They are not interested in its theme. The main point of this project is the Turkish author-Fatih Akin. He is aware of his contribution to the Armenian goal. He knows that Armenians prefer media in the task of propaganda. The Armenian government raise funds for it eagerly. It is intended to make some more “genocide” films on state level. One of them will definitely belong to Akin. In the 100th anniversary of false “Armenian genocide”, in 2015 it is planned to make a noise in the world with a new film, for this purpose the well-known film director Steven Spielberg who got Oscar award, has been addressed to. The projects made by Diaspora and the Armenian government in visual field aren’t limited with films only. Another important project is the concert series organized under the slagon “Never, any more!” It is intended to broaden the task of “genocide” propaganda with the project together with the popular musician Stevie Wonder and others.


If we try to find out the lines connecting Atom Yegayan and Fatih Akin, we can face a strange coincidence. These two film directors, one is Armenian, the other is Turkish work for money. Filming needs a lot of money. As it was mentioned above. 15 million has been spent on “Ararat” film. More money must be spent on Fatih’s film, too. Who will raise that money?

Pay attention, who has agreed to be a sponsor. The important figures of the Armenian Diaspora, properly Istanbul and Lebanon Armenian unities, as well as the responsible members of the state commission in the preparation for the 100th anniversary of false “Armenian genocide”… Armenians make Fatih hurry to prepare the film in 2014 year. So they are planning to get a new “Ararat”. However the effect of “Ararat” won’t be the same as the novel “The Cut” which has been made by a Turk dealing with “Armenian genocide”.




20.05.2014 10:09

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