Armenian enmity

01.08.2012 | 14:52

1361265532_akif-nagi-big2In 20th January I looked through what Armenians did to us one more time. I again remembered the bullet shot at us in 20th January. Most of people who were brought to shot those bullets were Armenians. Armenians can never shoot at us. Just during all history, people who shoot at us used Armenians as powder. Armenians could only be a powder of bullets shot at us. This is Armenian powder.

 Sometimes they ask me why do you hate Armenians so much and propagate hatred against them. They add that hatred is not good thing, especially when it is against the whole nation. Also they show me their education giving examples from the world literature to show that hatred is bad thing. I hate Armenians not because they are Armenian; I hate them as invader, terrorist, children killers. Also I hate all Armenians, because all Armenians participated in crimes, wildness against us and they did not tell stop to Armenian who cut Azerbaijani’s head. I do not know any Armenian until today who accused Armenians for what they have done against us. That is why all Armenians are responsible for crimes against us. I want to note to people who have objection to this that there is collective responsibility in international law. After the Second World War, during Nuremberg process the collective responsibility of German nation was discussed seriously and was accepted partial. Finland negotiator Mari Axisaari raised the collective responsibility problem of Serbs for killing Albanians in 90th years of last century and he gained what he wanted. We can find other examples in world practices. But even if we will not find any example, there is no need to prove that Armenian from Catholicos to worker, from scientist to politician made crime against Azerbaijanis, everything is on eyes. But the problem is that not only the world but also we do not want to see what is on our eyes.

I am told that Armenians are victims of conflict as we and they are used as instrument. How they can be a victim while established state from my lands, changed names of everything and made themselves?! They changed the name of Revan city to “Yerevan”. In Sources of XVIII century, in contracts of Russia-Iran, Russia-Turkey the name of the city was written as Revan. In XIX century they changed the name Revan to Irevan and Erivan. They used that name until 1936. In 1936 Armenian and Georgian governments applied to SSR leaders to change names of Irevan and Tiflis to Yerevan and Tbilisi. The same year, on 7th August the presidium staff of High Council realized their wishes. Now these scoundrels take the “Yerevan” name to 2 thousand year ago. There are so many such examples.

Or, Armenian named Israil Ori went to the Russian tsar I Petr. Petr himself did not find him, he went to him himself and told him that there are many Armenians near Caspian sea, there are almost no Muslim lets go and invade those lands and establish Armenian state in order to serve to Russians. Petr liked that idea and invaded those lands. But he saw that there are not Armenians and he moved Armenians from neighborhood places. It is good that he could not finish what he wanted; he fell in such situation that could not take a pen, could not speak and went to hell. You may be remembering priest Iosif Argutinski Dolgorukov. There was no sign in his name or surname of this scoundrel but he was clean Armenian. He lied to Yekaterina that all people live in Karabakh are Armenians. Then “bushurman” named Ibrahim went and invaded there. Dolgorukov told Zubov to go and drive them out. But when they were in Derbend Yekaterina died.

Then you know how they got I Alekxandr, I Nikolay, II Nikolay, the president of America Vilson, the last president of SSR Gorbachevon their hands. It was such situation that I Nikolay established “Armenian province” in the land where not a one Armenian lived.

II Nikolay wrote to Armenian Catholicos that, “do not worry; Armenians will have nice days in the future”. Vilson gave a document about the “establishment of Armenian state” in most places of Turkey. Gorbachev, Chernomirdin,Rijkov were singing “ Armenian songs” day and night. The most horrible thing is that, after Armenians did so many bad things in Turkey and Azerbaijan, some people dance on Armenian songs. And you tell that Armenians are victims. Can there be such victim?

If you will say Armenians are instrument I will believe. Then we should break that instrument in order not to be used against us. We can say that we don’t have enough power to people who use that instrument but we can break it. If you will say that Armenians are powder on the back of bullets shot at us I can believe in it too. It means we are guarding 30 thousand powder barrels from cold and water. The way to Karabakh also passes from rendering powder barrels harmless. People, please awake, you are sleeping on powder barrels. I don’t tell you do something. But know your enemy. I am telling hundred years that Kazaks are not guilty. Our enemies are Armenians.



01.08.2012 14:52

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