Armenian parties work for money

08.12.2014 | 11:34

ermeni bayragiIt seems that Armenia was divided between the US and Russia. Beside this, parties involved in raising money for the sake of the institutions of democracy. This was approved by politicians.
Ashot Manucharyan, a member of the Karabakh Committee on November 28, said in a statement in”Argument” club that 90% of Armenia’s political voters serve the interests of the US and 10% of to Russia. According to him, Armenia becomes a member of the Eurasian Economic Union with the advice of the United States. He said: “Armenia is under the control of the United States because of its political constituents, but there is one condition: Russia is stronger in neighborhood and can take some steps. Russia has enough power to hold power in Armenia, but the US wants to change Armenia entire state system to America. Now if Russians fire Armenians from high positions and put Russians then whole pyramids will fall down. But the United States does not want to lose this pyramid, and they therefore allowed us to sign such an agreement, under pressure of Russia to manage that there is a more favorable situation, wait until the Russian further weaken and then the return will be more comfortable.



“Ashot Manucharyan said that, the Armenian parties work for money. According to him, Armenian parties don’t confess that money is their God, and do not clear out of the way as possible, and then they all serve the same philosophy. He said: “All parties’ policy is obvious in Armenia, because there is no provision of any of that kind of program. Change of parties will not lead to lifestyle change. All of them work for money.

All that is known, Armenian parties sold for money. They are captivated by money and everything is formal in nature. It shows that there is corruption in Armenia. We don’t expect good activities from them who work only for money.



Sabir Babaev



08.12.2014 11:34

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