Armenian youth: “My parents say kind words about Azerbaijanis”

25.08.2014 | 17:09

ermeni bayraqThe project of the Council of Europe “Youth Peace Camp” held the 10th event in June of this year in Strasbourg, France. The aim of this project brings together young people from conflict regions. On behalf of the “KarabakhİNFO.com” an international e-magazine tried to learn the opinions of Armenian Youth, who took part in the event, about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, its origin, the ways of solutions, things they want to change in the past and future, refugees and so on. We introduce you their opinions and suggestions:


lilitLusin Pogosyan (24 years old): In my opinion, development of civil society and democratic values is a key factor in this issue . If we civilize, strengthen and grow our society literally, these communities will fight for justice, and win ever. Also, they will demand the resolution of this issue in a peaceful way. In my opinion, this is the best way. In this way, we see the development. A struggle is going for human rights. In some fields, people tend to restore justice and these issues were impossible a few years ago. Of course, this process mostly requires courage and energy. We cannot reach our goals in a night. At the same time, mutual relationship between representatives of both societies is important to break enemy stereotype .

I want to emphasize again, this is a very time-consuming and difficult process. However, it is hard to think about the soldiers who died in the border every day, and other problems in our countries.
luisneLilit Pipoyan (25 years old): I came across the comment of colleague in our network of young professionals: the duration of the conflict, we have become more intolerant and have moved away from each other. I decided to explore this interpretation and had a small survey among my acquaintances, 20-30 year-old girls. 15 people took part in the survey. They are students, young professionals or those who had just graduated.

Firstly, I asked them the reason of the conflict – how do they see it?
Respondents unanimously stated: ethnic conflicts have created by countries and political forces that guided the principle of «divide and rule”.



I asked my next question. For solving inter-ethnic conflict based on the territorial problem how much time do we need? The answer was as follows: The problem is in “mediators”. In fact, they try to keep the conflict stable instead of solving. If they were not, the conflict would have been resolved more quickly.

It was interesting to me that my fellow citizens of the young Armenian women how to treat people of other side? I asked: If your neighbors are no longer Azerbaijanis, you have to constantly live with them … the answers can be summarized as follows:
– Of course, it would be hard to ignore the fact that they are Azerbaijanis.
– Of course, it would be hard to give up the thought … But I would do everything in my power, to feel the people that Armenians have never hated any nation.
– Only undeveloped people can deny the existence of other nations. Good or bad, we are all human. Everyone should be evaluated on an individual basis, not because of his national origin.
– One girl said:
I would like to see our house in Baku. My parents say kind words about Azerbaijanis. My parents tell us that we are many common features.



I thought about the survey again. I think that, after some period of time happenings up to conflict appeared obviously and memory about the conflict and following processes are faded away. I think that, people inevitably feel nostalgic.
I continued my survey, and directly asked: In what ways need to continue the solution? If conflict is solved in a political way, how much time is required to restore relationship between our nations?



Responses were as follows:
• It is unlikely that the conflict could be resolved in the near future. The current situation is favorable to some states and political forces.
• Our nations must understand that, in XXI century, against the background of globalization existence of conflicts based on such division of the land is ridiculous and unreasonable.
• It cannot last so long! Our “officials” spend millions here and there. But what do we spend?
• We do not want our brothers, as well as Azerbaijanis have died in the battlefields. Do they not have mothers and sisters?!
• At present, there are so many global problems! We need to unite to solve them. Or aliens should attack us to understand everything.

Of course, this is the specific audience between the ages of 20-30. The new generation, who creating own lives, independent thinking, and lack of hard personal experience …. Perhaps, this is the same generation, social group that they will look livings differently. Perhaps all hopes are them-young, educated women.



21-year-old young Armenian lady. (She does not want to publish the name and photo): I agree with what was said about civil society and education. At the same time, I think, the Armenian and Azerbaijani refugees have the right to return to their homeland. However, both sides have severe wounds, and now I do not think they can live together. I believe that the time and effort of both sides will restore peace and reconciliation.



anatoli77Anatoly Chernyayev (21 years old): Personally, I think that the conflict has been organized by the Russian government. I don’t believe that both nations living in peace start a war in an artificial way. Most important thing is beginning the dialogue and determine what is wrong way. We can invite experts from different countries to explore the origins of the conflict. It needs to look through the facts and to be objective. I know that a lot of Azerbaijanis and Armenians have lived in Karabakh. I suggest that people go to meet and exchange views.



Farid Aliyev

25.08.2014 17:09

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