Armenians keep Yazidis in fear

28.08.2014 | 16:41

25434021_h31344400After the stupid opinion of David Babayan, the spokesman of the president of fictional ” Nagorno-Karabakh Republic , statements about the Armenian-Yazidi brotherhood began to call out in Armenia. However, in reality, Yazidis live in the most humiliating conditions in Armenia.

The world Yazidis are mainly settled in the Caucasus, on the coast of the Black Sea, in Central Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. There are 129,000 Yazidis worldwide.

The mass influx of Armenians to the current territory of Armenia continued after the Russian-Iran, Russian-Turkey wars that took place in the early XIX century. At that time, along with Armenians the Yezidi Kurds came and settled in the current territories of Armenia. According to the census of 1834, 1000 Yezidi Kurds from the Bayazit (about 300 families) settled in the province Yerevan. In 1839, the Yezidi Kurds settled in villages Mirek, Kurubogaz, Jarjartchi, Chobangerekmez subsequently they came into the villages Pembek, Goundakhsaz, Boyuk Jamishli and Kichik Jamishli, Korboulag. At last, in 1877, the Yezidi Kurds came and settled in Baghdad Dolu Takht and Kichik Jengi villages. Later, the names of these villages have been changed by the Armenian authorities. Thus, the district Aragats was created included mainly those villages.



At present, 40,620 Yezidi Kurds live in Armenia. They are citizens of this country. Eziz Tamoyan, president of the “World Union of Yazidis” said the Yazidis moved to Armenia in the early XX century and the number of them is more than 40 thousand.

According Tamoyan, the rights of Yazidis are violated by Kurds in Armenia. So, they are called Kurdish and are forced to study in Kurdish. The Yezidi community primarily uses Armenian family name endings. Since 1990, they have published the newspaper called ‘ Dangs Ezdia ‘ (Voice of Yazidis) in Yerevan, the capital of the aggressive country.

Yazidis are considered as second-class nation in Armenia. For example, the national customs and traditions of the Yazidis are perceived by local Armenians with irony. There is a tradition of marriage of girls aged 12-13 in their community. So far, this savage tradition is still preserved by Yazidis. The heads of the Yezidi communities consider that a girl of 18-aged is very ‘old’ to get married and they defend this tradition of their people. Armenians always ridicule to this tradition and consider them a nation far from civilization. Another problem is that the Yazidis live in mountainous regions and they hardly communicate with Armenians.



Consequently, they have not been assimilated completely. Another example, when MP Manvel Badeyan who participated in the program What? Where? When? at one of the local Armenian channel, he answered the question of a journalist .He has been asked, “Is it fair that to finance a TV program in Russian by the Armenian government? “. The MP said: “You think if you’re a journalist, you have the right to ask stupid questions? Are you really such a narrow-minded person? If this question was asked by a Yezidi, standing on the street, I would not be surprised.

Yazidis say they gave 40,000 votes to the ruling Republican Party in Armenia at the Parliamentary election of 6 May 2012 and so, they ask Serj Sargsyan to solve their problems. However, political power follows the principle ‘Armenia for Armenians’ and they try to force the rest of people to turn into the second-class Armenians and the slaves without rights. At present, each small ethnic groups have ethnic minorities, except Yazidis. Thus, their situation is very miserable. So the situation of minorities in Armenia is worse than the situation of Armenians. However, Armenians are always trying to demonstrate their ethnic diversity as an example.

According to the research of Arzu Nagiyeva, Trend commentator, the question of the representation of Kurdish and Yazidis in the distinguished ethnic groups deliberately imposed by the government on the agenda. The political power which discriminating against them, reap the benefits, and they are forced to hide their nationality. Unemployment and lack of economic opportunities, the economic crisis are the main reasons that prevent Yazidis to prove their identity. It is very difficult to find a job for the majority of Armenians in Armenia. This issue is a global problem for Yazidis. That’s why Yazidis living in towns and villages migrate to other countries.
The economic problems are forcing some Yazidis to convert to Christianity to get food and other aids. 35 % of the Amre village population located in the north of Yerevan became the ‘Protestants’ of evangelical Christianity. Yazidis admitted that belief in order to get aids given by Western missionaries.

In June, 2009, the Yezidi Mejid Gasoyan, Zarife Gasoyan, their daughter Narine and grandchild Tengiz were found dead in their home in Armenia. This event very concerned Yazidis world. The family members who were murdered for their wealth in the district Abovyan were stabbed more than 80 times. Thus, all members of the family have been victims of sexual violence. It should be emphasized that the Yezidi family who was murdered and raped by the neighbors was for their charity and humanism. Yazidis have reacted strongly to this event on the www.ezdixandi.com site. They noted that this was not the first misfortune, several times Yazidis had trusted in Armenian and in the end, they were killed like that. It is noted on the site that Armenian Yazidis are killed because they do not consider them as a nation. Yazidis who have not been assimilated are kept in fear by Armenians.

In August 2011, a fight occurred between Armenians and Yazidis in Armenia Zovouni village. Armenians had the fowling-piece but they did not shoot. 7 Yazidis were injured in the scuffle. One of the Armenians had put the gun to the forehead of the chairman of the Union of Yazidis of Armenia, Eziz Tamoyan. Despite this, living in fear Tamoyan still wrote that the Yazidis support Armenians. The special services of Armenia do not accept that his family lives in fear. But Eziz Tamoyan doesn’t conceal that he receives commands from the Ministry of Security of Armenia.



Another interesting fact is that the Armenians accused Yazidis in the events of 1915 in court for help Turks and called them agents of Turkey in their country.

Armenia, led such a racist policy invites Yazidis who are citizens of Iraq to settle the Nagorno-Karabakh looks very ridiculous. The chairman of the Union of Armenia Kurdish Hesenov and Yezidi community said that they will not fight for the Armenian army in Karabakh, if there is a war with Azerbaijan. On the other hand, they do not want to be the first target of the Azerbaijani army. They know this situation very well and so they don’t want to be “out of the frying pan, into the fire”.

Thus, there is not a Yezidi Kurd fled from Iraq and has made a request to the Migration Service of Armenia to settle Karabakh or Armenia.
It is very interesting that Yazidis of Armenia settled in Karabakh want to help their countrymen who are under the threat of the ISIS and the president of Armenia Serj Sargsyan and Prime Minister Ovik Abramian said they will allocate a sum of 50,000 dollars for the Yezidi Kurds who were encircled by ISIS and became refugees in Iraq. However, Serj Sargsyan makes financial assistance five times more Armenians living abroad. Yazidis consider 50,000 dollars as an insult. So they confess that the government doesn’t care Yazidis who are the largest ethnic group living in Armenia .

The Yezidi leaders urge Yazidis to unite in order to live among the enemy. They recommended to follow a single policy to create their own state or autonomy “Yazidistan”. While it is possible, they try to take advantage of this opportunity.



Zaur Aliyev
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

28.08.2014 16:41

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