Armenians themselves approach to the “genocide” issue cold

24.04.2013 | 11:57

1366787142_armeniansoflebanonThe Armenian genocide claims or falsified “armenian genocide”- is the pretension which clams that Armenians live in Anadolu were mass annihilated during the First World War. Though the Turkish Republic appreciate the events as Armenian-Turk confrontation and claims that there was not any state order, today some countries recognized the genocide in the world. But it is important to notice that, those decisions were decided not due to the history but under the impression of political factors.


This time we devoted the topic of our column to the Armenian genocide issue and1376560981_3 learned the thoughts of people busy on it. Deputy Aydin Mirzezade considers that, the Armenian genocide issue was in reality political project and in XX century both the Europe and SSR were using this motive against the Turkey which influence was increasing day by day as political pressure: “It is coincidence that, the issue of falsified genocide was approved in SSR by soviet leaders. Even in 1965 a big monument was put in Irevan. But SSR was collapsed. Europe was obliged to consent to the big influence of Turkey. In this case, the interest to that project of Armenian nationalists began to decrease sharply. Yes, in some countries that topic is actual today too. But the project has no any perspective. It is not coincidence that even in France which is considered the closest friend of Armenia, the realization of that idea did not find support and it is not waited that in some day it will be repaired. A serious preparation is done for 2015 in Armenia. But I don’t think that it will have any noise. The second, Armenia is not such influential country that can get the interest of the world. The interest to this issue in Armenia also decreased. It is not coincidence that, Sharl Aznaur who is considered the moral father and symbol of Armenia told in his last interview that “I want to finish with the genocide word”. Armenians tried to swell this. But it is in front of eyes that even the most known Armenians look at this problem cold.”


1375702824_dThe chairman of “Atlas” Research Center, politician Elkhan Shahinoglu told that, Armenian lobby is always active in order to get recognition of “genocide” in large area. Due to him, lobby prepares more for two years after than for this year: “they are busy on for the century anniversart of “genocide” in 2015. They are planning memorial concerts, conference and seminars. This works of Armenian lobby became the instrument in the hands of states which want to see Turkey weak.” Due to him, France, some states of USA use this for political means. “They do not do this to toady to Armenians; the main mean is to make problems for the increasing role of Turkey in the region. But this is waste work. The state secretary of USA Con Cerry was Armenian lover congressman. But after the new appointment he was obliged to speak from the side of state interest. And the national and security interests of the USA demand the tie cooperation with Turkey”.


1366787675_togrulThe professor of TOBB Economical and Technological University (Ankara), politician Togrul Ismayil told that every year when the 24th April comes approach the Armenian propaganda car begins to work with all power. He added that, the serious works are done for the falsified genocide problem:

“In reality the importance of this is the vital issue for Armenians and for the state they established. They continue their existence due to that. It is possible to unite the society spread in the world only with such “national tragedy” though that is falsified also. Falsified history and tragedies are Armenian propaganda mechanism which was formed for a long years. This is very important for Armenians. They do their best in order to develop this lie. If speak about the bilateral standards, the reason of it is known. First, the forces which put this issue on are imperialist forces. The main thing in the bases of issue was the broken of Ottoman Empire. Even today this problem is actual. I mean, this game is continued in order to break the Turkey”. T. Ismayil also added that, it was not coincidence that Armenian state was established on Turkish lands in the beginning of the last century: “The Russia and England was provoking this. Then other big forces began to play active role in this issue. Nowadays, if we think that they avoided those problems, can be gullibility. Just for this reason, Armenian began not to seem like invader. That is why, the decisions which some countries adopted about the genocide are political, I mean such decisions were given by some political organizations. The example is that the Europe which speaks about the freedom of word comes against the freedom of speech with legal decisions”.

Due to the politician, such issued should be appreciated by historians and lawyers first of all. Generally, the decision about the genocide is so abstract that we can concern it to everything: “The main thing is that how they will combine the decision adopted in 1946 to the events happened in 1915? For example, it would be more suitable to concern this law to the slaughters done by France in Algeria in 1960 years. So the issue is about the political struggle. In this case the main factor is also being the strong state. The second, this issue as I noted is death or life issue for Armenians. That is why they do their best to swell this problem. Especially, Armenian Diaspora gets power and serious financial aid for this. That is why; they swell this lie in all meetings. So pity that, we try to do something against of this in definite days. Yes, in last days our activity is increased. But this is not enough. Good books and texts are few. Even we could not make influence enough about the Khojaly genocide which is the tragedy of our days in world society. Put aside the European states, we even did not propagate enough this problem in friend Turkish republics and in other Muslim countries. The century anniversary of falsified genocide is coming. Armenian propaganda car will try to realize this. We should do our best against of this even now. As the genocide issue is not the problem of only Turks. This is also the problem of Azerbaijan. That is why we should join our power in order to strike the target.”

Naiba Gurbanova


24.04.2013 11:57

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