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1379580468_qqqqqGafar CHAKHMAGLI

Philosophy Dr. of the political sciences

While doing research in Armenian history and national civilization, we cannot think it apart from Christian ideology, “national” Armenian history and culture. As a system of unity and belief Armenizm is also loaded with ideology and is in direction of self defense. Also there are forces that want to form this ideology in the soul of state mean of Armenian nation. As Armenians never had independent country in the history, they formed their ideology in this conception.

Generally, Christianity is a religion which has connecting character. But if we will base on the belief system stayed above, Armenizm does not accept Jesus as a God. Armenizm also refuses to accept the enlivening. Armenizm refuses to believe the Old and New inheritance. Armenizm adopts Christianity as a religion which does not accept anti-national and anti-state ideologies. That is why; Armenizm sometimes goes head of the religion. Here ideology is in front too.

The cross which has an important place in Goddess thoughts and in moral and religious culture, in reality was spread to Armenia, Greece, Rome and all Europe by help of Georgi. It happened in IV century. After, the equal sides cross began to show itself in Caucasus Albany and Iveria too. One of the modern Azerbaijan scientists Nizami Tagisoy considers that, Armenians also made false in religion too. They present Gregory as an Armenian which is wrong. Gregory was Persian and was born in 257. He is a son of Anak who was from Parfi czar generation. Anak killed Armenian czar Xozroy in background of palace conflicts. Due to the tradition the whole generation of who killed the czar should be abolished. In this tense moment, mother could save her child from hangmen and could hide from pursuit. She met a woman named Sofia who was a real Christian, rich and kind occasionally. Sofia with great pleasure accepted to bring up the child. The fortune smiled to the face of that child from beginning. His nobility attracted people. Gregory became well known in a little time and his fame spread to everywhere. Many people were envy to him. As ruling classes were dissatisfied from this, they reminded Gregory about the things his father done in 30 March 287 and decided to exile him from country. As Gregory was well known, Armenian czar (That time Armenia has no deal with today’s Armenia) Tridat could not kill him. It could make dissatisfaction wave in country and may be resulted with conflicts inside the country. Also if he was arrested, it would not bring any respect to the ruler (just at that time the light of Gregory was spread to the whole world). It would be also useless to send him to Rome, he was already known there. Also if he would return to Parfia he would be accepted as a hero. (Tagisoy Nizami. Ethnos and epos: From past to today= 2005, page 338-339).

The only way was to exile him into the Turks. (May be choosing this way Tridat thought that Turks will be cruel to Gregory). This fact also proves that Turks lived in this territory so many thousand years ago in history. Many Turk tribes adopted Christianity in that period and were melting among other nations. But Gregory did not feel himself bad among Turks as they waited. It was because Turks always were respectful to monotheism. But due to the exile rules, Turks should keep Gregory in deep cave as other captives. After the 15 year exile ended (15 June, 301) Turks freed Gregory. He returned to Armenia as more educated. The years in exile were not vain. Gregory was declared as the first Catholicos of Armenia. There is information in “Armenian history” of V century writer Favstos Buzand also ( Հայ գրականություն, 9-րդ դասարանների համար, Երևան-2008). In this case it is impossible to accept that Armenians adopted Christianity from the beginning (301). Armenians also used Christianity in order to realize their dirty plans. To accept them as frank Christian as other nations would be wrong. In all centuries and in all countries they lived inside, they were Christian as their national aims. Today it is the same. The well known Turk historian Yusuf Halacoglu after making a long term researches decided that, while paying their perfidy to Ottoman state, in order to run from pursuits some Armenians refused from their thousand year belief and adopted Islam. Professor Yusuf Halacoglu says that there are 500 thousand Armenian in Kripto.

“So many Armenians, who keep their personality secretly, present themselves as kurd or alevi”. We can divide Armenians who stayed in the country after exile, into three parts.

The first of them are Armenian children. An important part of them already adopted Muslim personality. These people were not part of terrorism not yesterday, not today and consider such claims as disrespect. There Armenians are not more 60 thousand in Turkey. But this is different in Azerbaijan. During the soviet period the count of families which had marriage with Armenians was not exact. But there is a claim that, there are about 30 thousand Armenians in Azerbaijan besides Karabakh and they are considered secret Armenians. (Though their claims today that there are about ten deputies in Parliament is exaggerated, it is also has bases). In this case Armenians mostly change their name and surname. There can be danger because of this in the future. Even secret Armenian or his mix can take the government.

The second group consists of “Kripto Armenians” which are also called “Secret Christians” or “Secret Armenians”. Group is consisting of families who choose to be Muslim in order escape from 1915 exile. But most of them also continued Gregorian Christian traditions. They are more in Eastern Anadolu, but also are spread to everywhere in Turkey. The count of Muthedi (people who adopted Muslim) Armenians are about 100 thousand.

The third group consists of Gregorian Armenians live in Turkey. Today they are about 60 thousand and live in Istanbul. They are ready to adopt any religion if there is a need. They can change their religion in a moment if there will be need. There is not sacred religion for Armenian. In this case we can call Armenizm as ideology and propaganda theory too. Due to evolution, we can see it also as a plan which “is impossible to realize in practice”. The main aim of Armenizm is first of all to teach national soul, then to join it to the Religion soul. It first of all comes from the wish of Armenizm to be in Diaspora and they tried to tie it with religion, Christianity. Again national profits go front of the religion. May be one of the main reason why Armenian nation are rolled down to nationalism is this. First nation, then religion. The main philosophy of Armenizm is this.

Armenians call Armenian church as Unit (sacred- Սուրբ), Apostolic (  Առաքելականand Catholic Կատողիկէ ) Armenian churches. The holiness of this religion is that it is unit. The Apostolic churches come from Tadey and Bartelemoy which are defenders of churches. Catholic as it expresses the humanity. Every church has its own name and doctrine since Aziz Gregory Lusarovich established the Churches (314 year). In this case, Armenian churches have different ideology and every church formed general theory due to the politics of condition it is situated. As church was named Armenian due to ethnography, it was named Lusavorcagan ( Լուսավորչական-lightened) due to Gregorian and also was reminded as Orthodox ( Ուղղապար-Uğğapar) which means “in right way” . The popular religion before Christianity was Zoroastrianism among Armenians. Even we can meet “Madag”, killing sacrifice tradition which is known from Zoroastrianism and is not met in Christianity among Armenians today.

“The Church is a body which makes possible for Armenian to relive the soul to the world which gives spirit to the nation”. Armenians usually tell these words about Churches. The barometer of all Armenian nationalist claims and activities was in Church in all periods and all political ideas were prepared and realized by Church. In this case we should speak not about the Armenian nation, Armenian state and Armenian history. We should speak about Gregorian church which they say belong to Armenians and about Armenian Church state. Yes, Armenians did not have state but they had Churches which were instead of central government. Even today the decisions which are given by Ec Miaiadzin Church, Istanbul Church and Kilikia Church are more important than the decisions of government. Armenian Church only 2-3 centuries ago told that it needs political-administrative system in order to get power to guard the existence of Armenian Church. As there was need, the activity began and so the idea of Armenian state came on. The idea to make state was not come from Armenian nation, it came from Armenian Church. If tomorrow, Armenian state will fall, Armenian Church has power to join the nation and to be in the place of state. As it is the same in Jewish nation. The Jewish people, who were exiled from Philistine and from other places of the world, were escaped from being abolished because of their religion and belief… (To be continued).


01.08.2013 12:51

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