Azerbaijani Ambassador to U.S.: “Armenia is far from not only energy projects, but also from the development”

30.09.2013 | 12:14

1380528792_33“Southern Gas Corridor” is the most important project ensuring energy security of Europe. I believe that the importance of this project will increase further in the future,” Azerbaijani Ambassador to U.S. Elin Suleymanov told APA.

He said that the need of European markets for energy is growing: “The new gas reserves are very important. “Southern Gas Corridor” has an interesting geographical point that covers not only the Eastern Europe, but also the Southern Europe. Albania, Greece and Italy create a new important geographical reality for Azerbaijan.”

Commenting on the possibility that Azerbaijan may become a rival for Russia in energy, the Ambassador said that Azerbaijan and Russia are not and can not be rivals: “We shouldn’t consider each other rivals and can work as partners in various parts of Europe.”

Suleymanov also touched on the fact that Armenia is staying far from regional projects: “Armenia is far from not only energy projects, but also of the development. Armenian authorities should decide whether they want a prosperous and bright future for Armenia or remain as an underdeveloped country.”


30.09.2013 12:14

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