Armenian enmity

01.08.2012 | 14:52

1361265532_akif-nagi-big2In 20th January I looked through what Armenians did to us one more time. I again remembered the bullet shot at us in 20th January. Most of people who were brought to shot those bullets were Armenians. Armenians can never shoot at us. Just during all history, people who shoot at us used Armenians as powder. Armenians could only be a powder of bullets shot at us. This is Armenian powder.



09.07.2012 | 16:40

1400566049_1398155534_qqq1-150x150Gafar Chakhmagli

Philosophy Dr. of the political sciences

Nationalism is an ideological action for proof of an existence and autonomy of one nation. Each of these conceptions directed to gain of freedom of personality and continuation of this has been formed from new, philosophical, historical and anthropological expressions which were formed in XVII and XVIII centuries in Europe. For example, the conception of “personality” means the same “identification”. It means people in the same group are wearing the same way, speak in the same language, walk same, guard the same traditions; in this case they show differentness which they do not own.


The weakening is humiliation, the death is tragedy

02.02.2012 | 17:58

1361265532_akif-nagi-big2There is no any Azerbaijani who does not want our territories to be free. When they want it is good thing but it is not enough. It is not enough to want, but it is important to show how much they want. It is not enough to show but you should turn this show to activity. For this we should have three feelings inside: the hatred to enemy, the irreconcilability against occupation and fighting soul. If we have such feelings inside, and there are many people with these feelings, you can be sure that our territories will be freed. The weakening of these feeling would be humiliation; the death of them would be tragedy for our nation.