A miracle of a Maestro

26.04.2014 | 07:07

1398495017_1396861594_niyaziI remember that even in my school years our classrooms were decorated with the portraits of outstanding artists and composers. Among those pictures an image having a different mime, a typical jest and a magic character also attracted my attention. And this is how I met my admirable maestro Niyazi later.It is known that from the very beginning of the last century the important events happened in our cultural history influenced the art of music. That is, a new musicians’ generation who had been influenced by U. Hajibeyli school benefited by his traditions and following that way were growing up.


The coins of Karabakh

05.04.2014 | 07:14

1396676004_1396328593_main_1337946845The points that lead to learning history, old times are measured such mind forms as art and culture. From this point any stone, metal or statue having a historical secret make a connection between the modern and ancient people. That is as time goes on, stones, rocks, metals can speak to people. First of we’d like to note that Karabakh Khanate was founded in the eighteenth century. It was located in the area of the Kur and the Araz rivers. The Khanate was bordered on Irevan, Nahkchivan, Sheki, Shamakhi, Javad, Karadag Khanates. Its centre was Shusha city. It was divided into mahals administratively. The villages were ruled by kendkhudas and yuzbashis, the towns were ruled by galabeyi and kelenters.


Rich Karabakh cuisine

22.03.2014 | 07:25

1395511276_qarabag-met111Azerbaijan cuisine is one of the oldest, richest and most delicious in the world. Azerbaijan culinary doesn’t only consist of meals and their preparation technology, but also the main part of our material culture. The fame of Azerbaijan cuisine was well- known all over the world, especially Karabakh cookery is considered the first hotbed of Azerbaijan culinary culture. It has always been admired by everyone with its unique taste. The meals belonging to Karabakh has been paid much attention to by other states. Ever since Soviet Union reign, the names of 15 most popular meals have been stolen from Azeri cuisine and armenianized. It should be mentioned that more than half those meals belong to Karabakh culinary.