How artists recall January 20th events…….

18.01.2014 | 07:42

1390033346_20_yanvar_xiyaban24 years have passed since the events of 20 January that became a source of pride for Azerbaijani people. There are different opinions from time to time with regard to the causes of the accident, though some of them are opposite positions but even these views coincide too. This is a historic day demonstrated again that Azerbaijan people will never withdraw the desire for national freedom and independence even sacrificed their lives for the sake of this holy goal, so they are always ready to show it to the whole world.From 19 January 1990 to 20 artists who witnessed the incident which took place on that bloody day spoke”KarabakhİNFO.com” magazine how they recall it.


Belief location of Karabakh – Lazim Agha Sayyid

18.12.2013 | 07:55

1387370211_1387287552_422137_10150564698297691_1274649394_nThe Sayyid contribute social structures of the spectacular groups of Muslim community and have a great reputation among believers, and now the owners of such authority. Sayyid Lazim Agha is well-known in Azerbaijan and nearby Muslim countries and hasa great respect and esteem for the people who believe necessary Sayyid miracles. His hearth respect and belief is growing day by day.Every day thousands of people visit theSayyid Lazim Agha tomb in Agdam.



Golden Voice of Karabakh -QadirRustamov

28.11.2013 | 08:01

1385448083_1“Talented singer Rustamovwhile retaining style of music added a few of the successful elements to it. These elements correspond to the logic of the development of mugham performance art so, they agreed to come. “

KhuduMamedov, “Literature and Art” newspaper,15November 1975.


History of Karabag culture

22.11.2013 | 08:41

1385105492_1383657377_gunel-qarabagKarabakh culture is the mirror of Azerbaijani culture. Karabakh region has an ancient history, and is rich with material and cultural monuments, literature,art and music.Karabakh is not just a cradle of music and culture but also famous for its well-known intellectuals. How to say the nation loved recognized and accepted with its own geniuses. Shusha is called as “Little Paris”, “Conservatory of the Caucasus”.