Mugham: rich intangible heritage of Azerbaijan

25.09.2013 | 09:16

1383822403_6Azerbaijani mugham, a unique musical and poetic phenomenon, was created on the basis of the historical and cultural traditions that have existed for centuries. It is one of the most valuable monuments of the material and spiritual culture of Azerbaijan and the greatest achievement of the musical and poetic art of the Azerbaijani people.


Garabagh culture

25.09.2013 | 09:10

1380106745_ttttThe Armenians who have turned Karabakh into a land of tragedies for 200 years often falsify our history and oust Azerbaijanis from their native land. Armenian “historians”, who have become a tool in the hands of so-called politicians, collect “facts which prove” that Karabakh belongs to Armenians, prepare “legal documents” and try to put a legitimate gloss on the seizure of territories by Armenians. Armenian ideologues and “archaeologists” are trying to present Karabakh’s Albanian Christian monuments as “Armenian monuments” and to prove, using some ancient sources, that the area between the Kura and Araz rivers is totally an “ancient Armenian land”, whereas until the 19th century, the Armenians had never lived not only in Karabakh, but even in the Caucasus, which is why this material culture cannot belong to them. 


A singer from Karabakh who is fighting against armenians with her music in France

10.09.2013 | 09:24

1378808417_t1We are presenting you the interview with the vocalist singer Tarana Paris Baku (Tarana Allahverdiyeva).

 –  Mrs. Tarana we would like you to give information about yourself.

 –  I am a singer who is from Azerbaijan, Karabakh and live in France. I was born in Lachin and grew up in Shusha. It has been more than 10 years that I graduated from the university of Sarbon’s journalism and communication faculty. Nowadays I am involved into working with my work and I build a cultural bridge between Azerbaijan and France.


Karabakh literature is inheritance to Azerbaijanis

08.05.2013 | 09:43

 1367994406_anar1The great Sufi thinker and poet Seyid Mirhemze Nigari wrote these strokes. He loves his native land Karabakh with great love and while he lived in Turkey wrote his regret of native land. Karabakh that has old history has wonderful nature, peerless culture, but also literature that was loved and spread. This region that is the inseparable part of Azerbaijan, one of the territories where old Azerbaijan Turks lived fell in history with the presents of literature. In XIII century there were poets and craftsmen of Karabakh that wrote in mother Turkish language, but also in Arabian and Persian languages.