Khocali Mounds

25.02.2013 | 12:56

1361790287_xocali-fuadThe big part of the monuments belong to the Late Bronze and First Iron period belong to Khocali-Gedebey culture. The climate of Khocali region situated near the Badara and Qarqar Rivers and which most territory is consisted of mountains is mild-warm, the mountainous territories are subalp an alp meadows. The highest points are Qizqala (2843 m) and Qirkhqiz (2827 m). There are mountainous- forests and mountainous- meadow lands. About 40% of the territory is reach with beech, birch and so on trees. That was the reason that cattle-breeder Turk tribes living nomad life style chose the region territories as summer posture from old times and inhabited there and created rich cultural monuments.


The carpet making history of Azerbaijan

29.01.2013 | 13:17

1359378991_sekil-3Herodotus, Claude Elian, Xenophon and other old world historians gave information about the carpet making in Azerbaijan. During Sasani period (III-VII centuries) the carpet making art in Azerbaijan improved. Carpets were made from the golden-silver threads, silk and so on. Albanian historian Musa Kalankatli (VII century) informs us about the silk textile and colorful carpets weaved in Azerbaijan. The carpet which were weaved with golden-silver threads and were decorated with jeweler became tradition in Azerbaijan in XVI-XVII centuries.


Who is Kim?

23.01.2013 | 13:24

1358856732_kim_kardashian_hair_weave1296568299Is she porno star or somebody to whom Armenian lobby has hopes?

Armenians who has no any culture or values to present themselves in the world, tried to steal songs, paintings and art models of Azerbaijanis and other nations in all times. Last days they discovered new figure that can help them in their dirty games- Kim Kardashian. She is their real face, no steal no plagiarism. Even though it is not serious, Armenians use her fame widely for solution of their important problems.


Famous Musicians

14.09.2012 | 14:00

1347629985_uzeyir_hacibeyovHajibeyov founded the opera genre in Azeri music. When his opera Leyli and Majnun premiered on January 12, 1908, Azerbaijan became the first Muslim nation in the world with national opera. His enormous success inspired Hajibeyov to write the operas Rustam and Sohrab, Sheikh Sanan, Asli and Kerem (about the love of the Armenian girl Asli and the Azeri man Kerem), and Shah Abbas and Khurshid Banu, and the musicals Husband and Wife, Meshadi Ibad, Arshin mal alan, and so on, which became classics of Azeri music. The musical comedy Arshin mal alan became famous worldwide and has been translated into many languages.