Karabakh cuisine: Zengilan dishes

06.11.2014 | 13:55

qarabag metbexi5555Creating dishes recipes have an ancient history, originally based on the experience of the cook dynasties and these recipes are preserved today.

Karabakh cuisine: Aghdam dishes – 2

15.10.2014 | 15:09

qarabag metbexi5555Karabakh cuisine is distinguished by its unique taste from the cuisine of other regions. Karabakh cuisine is so rich that we can talk about more widely. Aghdam cuisine has a special place in Karabakh cuisine. We talked with the famous chef Mehman Zeynalov about ancient and popular meals of Aghdam.

Karabakh cuisine: Shusha dishes

25.09.2014 | 10:44

qarabag metbexiThe fame of Azerbaijani cuisine spreads in all countries of the world. Foreign tourists coming to our country do not want to come back without tasting our meals in particular, rich and various Karabakh cuisine. The richness of Karabakh cuisine is confirmed not only professional experts but also Karabakh people.