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Armenian terrorism history. Sason rebellion.

03.11.2012 | 14:22

  Sason which is popular with its rebellions was a region which had villages more than hundred and depended on the Siirt city by its office and administrative work, due to the notes of public organizations of that time. In 1890 years Armenian man by name Mehram Damadyan propagandized by the name of Hnchaq for three years and tried to incite Armenians to rebel. As Sason Armenians informed police, M.Damadyan was arrested in 1893 and brought to Istanbul. After some time he was freed. Sason rebellion was realized in an organized form by Murad (Kamparsun Boyaciyan) from Hnchaq Committee in order to organize interference to Osmanli by foreign countries.


The process of deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia

08.10.2012 | 12:48

1349682529_1349094582_ermeni-soykirimi.-surgun-mersinThe process of deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia
After the Second World War as a result of Soviet Union’s land pretension to Turkey and active performance of Armenians in this process there were tragic events in Azerbaijanis’ life.
In November of 1945 the political bureau of SSR Central Committee gave permission to Armenians who live abroad come back to Armenia. In 2 December this decision of SSR National Commissariat Soviet was published in press. Such step was stepped as Soviet governance wanted to substantiate land pretension against to Turkey.


The regions where Azerbaijanis lived in Armenian SSR

08.10.2012 | 12:45

1349682342_1349160138_xerite-qerbi-az-1903The regions where Azerbaijanis lived in Armenian SSR
In 1996 regional division in Armenian SSR abolished. The whole country divided into 10 marza- provinces: Araqarsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Vayots, Dzor, Geqarkunik, Kotayk, Lori, Sunik, Tavush, Shirak and Yerevan with marz rights. So, the Irevan khanate period administrative territory divisions were restored. Only the word “mahal” substituted with the word “marz”. By the way, “marz” is a Turkish word and means “harvest place”. The administrative units of Armenian SSR is shown in this book as Azerbaijani people lived in the areas named names of that period until they were driven away in 1988. Because of this, we will inform not due to the marzs but due to the regions of Armenian SSR.


American Christian author criticizes Armenia

13.09.2012 | 11:20

1347517246_6f3932db23f6939e222eb57977011da8May, 2002 Samuel A. Weems’s book named “Armenia: Secrets of Terrorist “Christian” Country” was published and afterwards this book has been translated in Turkish and re-published by “Ireli Yayinlari.”