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American Christian author criticizes Armenia

13.09.2012 | 11:20

1347517246_6f3932db23f6939e222eb57977011da8May, 2002 Samuel A. Weems’s book named “Armenia: Secrets of Terrorist “Christian” Country” was published and afterwards this book has been translated in Turkish and re-published by “Ireli Yayinlari.”


Intercultural dialogue and cultural genocide of Armenia against

06.09.2012 | 18:32

1346938307_imagesBeginning to write about it, I remember a fragment from the film “Faryad” – “Scream” most successful film has been shot concerning Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorniy Karabakh conflict. A lot of films concerning Karabakh topic have been shot. But in neither of those films national psychological features have been professionally reflected as in this film. Despite we have watched this stage/scene (sehne) multiply, although it is familiar stage for all of us, because of abovementioned features, I was obliged to note it again.


Karabakh War Bloodbath – Khojaly Massacre

06.09.2012 | 16:06

1346929577_1273664377_khojaly_2Over the night from February 25 to 26, 1992 Armenian armed forces implemented the capture of the Khojaly city with support of hard equipment and the personnel of the infantry guards regiment No.# 366 of former Soviet Union.The massed firing with using artillery weapon, hard military equipment, which was began in the evening of February 25, preceded assault of the city.


The history of Karabakh

29.08.2012 | 14:28

1346232591_1343129365_290px-qarabakh_khanateKarabakh is one of the most ancient districts of Azerbaijan. it is located in the territory between the Lesser Caucasus and the Kur and Aras rivers. According to several historical sources, the word Karabakh was used in the 7th century for the first time, but was widely used during the 12th century. The word «Karabakh» was formed from the combination of two words – “kara” (black) and “bakh” (garden). (In Turkic languages, particularly in Azerbaijani, “black” also means “great”, “thick” or “dense”). Some scholars claim that “karabakh” means “a great garden” or “a beautiful garden” also.