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Azerbaijani hostages who are slaves in captivity of Armenia – FACTS

14.01.2015 | 12:03


KarabakhİNFO.com an international electronic journal introduces you article with facts related captives, missing people and hostages.
The State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing People website says: “As of November 1, 2014,the number of prisoners of war, hostages and missing people is 4016 and 3256 of them were soldiers, 758 were civilians. 2 people are not known whether civilian or military. “



Heydar Aliyev’s visit to Shusha

12.12.2014 | 11:56

heyder eliyev55Heydar Aliyev’s first visit to Shusha was 14 January 1982 for the opening of Vagif”s tomb. Heydar Aliyev’s second visit to Shusha was in the end of July 1982, along with family members as promised. During the visit he took part Vagif’s poetry days, as well as several facilities – in the opening ceremony of Green Pharmacy, Natavan bust, Carpet Museum, Art Gallery, House of Poetry etc.


Armenian parties work for money

08.12.2014 | 11:34

ermeni bayragiIt seems that Armenia was divided between the US and Russia. Beside this, parties involved in raising money for the sake of the institutions of democracy. This was approved by politicians.
Ashot Manucharyan, a member of the Karabakh Committee on November 28, said in a statement in”Argument” club that 90% of Armenia’s political voters serve the interests of the US and 10% of to Russia. According to him, Armenia becomes a member of the Eurasian Economic Union with the advice of the United States.