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The memories about Khudu Mammadov

22.01.2014 | 10:13

1390391577_1389702422_310855_505228832870410_414993100_nYou needn’t  teach children to love the motherland. You should  have  them  recognize their homeland, they will love themselves.

                                   Khudu Mammadov

One of the unique personalities of our nation’s history is Khudu Mammadov.He was an unusual phenomenon, a teacher, a scientist completing each other in a natural way. As well as being a great scientist Khudu  was also close to his own land and had a special place in the history of social and political ideas of Turkism and working towards the survival and propagation of the last century during the reign of the Soviet regime,was one of the few intellectuals who was fighting for independence of Azerbaijan.


“Layla and Majnun”of twentieth century

20.01.2014 | 10:28

1390222807_1-001January 20, 1990 event … The day which our people for the sake of our independence stood in front of Russian army unarmed. This year, 24 years have passed since that incident. This war, not only UlviBunyadzadeh, Abbas Gasimov, OktayKarimovmartyrsbut also, worker of Ship Plant Ilhamand 2 months pregnant FarizaAllahverdiyevas made victims of the night. We call themLayla and Majnun» of twentieth century”.To remember those events we met Ilham and Fariza’s parents.


SHOCK: desperate days of the city of Gyumri – VİDEO

16.12.2013 | 05:16

1387186932_1386755497_On December 7, 1988 Spitak earthquake in Armenia, known as catastrophic day, in fact, Leninkan subjected the most damages . The distressing day, I have witnessed myself, with a 200 thousand population Armenia’s 2nd largest city Leninkan streets resembled actual ruins. According to official data, half of 24000 people the earthquake killed were from this town. Within a short period of time, at that time’s whole world came to the aid so, earthquake zone was turned to construction center. With the command of Soviet Union, Ukraine was assigned with the task of eliminating the damage of the earthquake. Chief of Staff, located in the city of Spitak was led by current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.


Environmental terror and Sarsang water storage

11.09.2013 | 05:20

1378893907_s1Environmental terrorism – is realized by a specific country or a person to others’ resources and damage the flora and fauna. Such destruction of natural resources and damage should be caused deliberately. For many years, our country is suffering from our neighbors’ commitments which can be depicted as environmental terrorism. Armenians’ terrorist war has transformed from active armed phase to “cold terrorist war” and in this new type of war they utilized various means. Armenia’s war against Azerbaijan comprises ideological, information, moral, social spectrums and can be called cyber terror. The most important thing in this issue is Azerbaijan rivers which cross Armenian territories and are poisoned by them with chemical, biological and other radioactive wastages.