Armenian youth: “My parents say kind words about Azerbaijanis”

25.08.2014 | 17:09

ermeni bayraqThe project of the Council of Europe “Youth Peace Camp” held the 10th event in June of this year in Strasbourg, France. The aim of this project brings together young people from conflict regions. On behalf of the “KarabakhİNFO.com” an international e-magazine tried to learn the opinions of Armenian Youth, who took part in the event, about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, its origin, the ways of solutions, things they want to change in the past and future, refugees and so on. We introduce you their opinions and suggestions:


Which one will Armenia choose – Europe or Russia?

23.06.2014 | 07:41

1376560445_micriArmenia is realizing another manipulation between the West and Russia. Accepting Russia’s all calls with open heart now trying to make them angry with formal imagination of euro integration. However official Erevan was one of the first countries who supported Euro Asia coalition and they uttered that they will be very active in the activities of this organization. Contrary to this position Armenia tries to form new cooperation with European Union in the frames of European partnership. Therefore Armenia is preparing to sign a new associative agreement together with countries like Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine with European Union in Vilnius in November. Armenian’s two-headed policy definitely does not satisfy the West.


Could 20 January tragedy have been avoided?

20.06.2014 | 13:26

1390225383_1016542_671895786195847_1627687112_nCaucasian peoples who are groaning under the tyranny had two- time national awakening in the last century. Awakening happened in the beginning of the century against The Russian imperia, but at the end of the century was a movement against the Soviet Russia. However, all of the national awakening was bloody resulted. 20 January massacre was implemented in the context of Russia’s bloody terrorist practices. However, it is clear that if we have a glimpse on careful study of the massacre because of objective and subjective reasons, might not have happened. In other words, it was possible to avoid. But who called people to gather at square, did not make any efforts in this regard. On the contrary, it became clear, that such persons were the supporters of Moscow.