Could 20 January tragedy have been avoided?

20.06.2014 | 13:26

1390225383_1016542_671895786195847_1627687112_nCaucasian peoples who are groaning under the tyranny had two- time national awakening in the last century. Awakening happened in the beginning of the century against The Russian imperia, but at the end of the century was a movement against the Soviet Russia. However, all of the national awakening was bloody resulted. 20 January massacre was implemented in the context of Russia’s bloody terrorist practices. However, it is clear that if we have a glimpse on careful study of the massacre because of objective and subjective reasons, might not have happened. In other words, it was possible to avoid. But who called people to gather at square, did not make any efforts in this regard. On the contrary, it became clear, that such persons were the supporters of Moscow.


Turkish public – figures objected

21.11.2013 | 05:46

1385015861_1383980625_1c95abc29ff21183eaf58d240ea35d34Karabakh issue of Azerbaijan is very important issueas well as for Turkey, in terms of the so-called genocide allegations removing.Qızılcahamam district ,in Ankara Turkey’s capital the established museum on Khojaly tragedywill not be able to name”Khojalygenocide museum”.Governorship of Ankara has warned the municipality about that name of this museum could create diplomatic problems.


How did Armenia become the province of Russia?

26.09.2013 | 06:56

1380200691_armenia1During the visit of Serj Sarkisyan to Moscow, his immediate decision about joining the Customs Union added new colors to the circumstances around Nagorno-Karabakh. Actually we can not call this decision unexpected for us. The analysis of Russian-Armenian relations did not allow the official Yerevan to act differently and realize more logical actions.


“Russia should do something besides speaking”

21.08.2013 | 07:19

1377065012_m-icRussia is a key figure in the solution of Karabakh conflict, so Russian president Vladimr Putin’s visit was expecting in Baku for several months. Most people are anticipating some new positive developments in the conflict after his visit. However Putin could not accomplish any noticeable achievements about Karabakh conflict in this visit either. He simply uttered Russia’s previous statements again and accepted a declaration reflected it. “ Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can only be solved with political ways and Russia is interested to stabilize this conflict instantly. Russia will certainly help to solving this conflict very soon”