Peace or war?

05.08.2013 | 09:33

1375702418_aWhat is the purpose of Russia with arming separatist regime?

Azerbaijan still supports peaceful negotiations for solving Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Occupant Armenia conversely to this goodwill attitude prevents eternal peace attempts with its aggressive policy. Furthermore, they realize invasion policy in Nagorno-Karabakh and try to enhance the number of weapons there. “Ministry of defense” of the separatist regime Movses Akopyan gave the signal as a proof of their invasion policy in his statement last week. He uttered in press conference in Khankandi that Nagorno-Karabakh continues arming procedure and last two weeks were the most successful ones.


What have not be done for preventing Agdam from invasion?

22.07.2013 | 10:12

1374493325_1“The scenario of Agdam’s invasion has been formed by high powers.”

Azerbaijan nation showed their bravery and manhood in the battles for saving Karabakh. The real indicator of this expression is the numbers which utter apparently that during invasion 20 thousands of Azeri people were martyrs, more than 50 thousand citizen were wounded, disabled or picked up hostages. Among the martyrs of this war majority of Agdam citizens should be taken into consideration. As the citizens of other regions Agdam people also fight for their lands and tried to protect them. It means that they did everything for preventing invasion. If they did everything, so what had not been realized? What is the main reason of Agdam’s invasion? Previous warrior and current General Executive of Agdam Region Nizami Sadiqov utters that the main reason for the invasion of our lands was non-governmental system of that period. In his statement to our e-journal N.Sadiqov cited that during 1990-1993 Azerbaijan did not have a leader.”If there was a leader we would not lose such vast lands. If nationwide leader Heyder Aliyev could come to the power 6 months earlier we could dodge imminent defeats.”


Shusha will be free from occupation…

08.05.2013 | 11:29

1368001416_po1Today we are obliged to commemorate the anniversary of hard loss. Today is the 21st anniversary of the occupation of Shusha. While we mark the anniversaries of our loss of motherland part by part others make holidays. If to note the well-known proverb: “when there will be holidays in our streets?” 


Armenians themselves approach to the “genocide” issue cold

24.04.2013 | 11:57

1366787142_armeniansoflebanonThe Armenian genocide claims or falsified “armenian genocide”- is the pretension which clams that Armenians live in Anadolu were mass annihilated during the First World War. Though the Turkish Republic appreciate the events as Armenian-Turk confrontation and claims that there was not any state order, today some countries recognized the genocide in the world. But it is important to notice that, those decisions were decided not due to the history but under the impression of political factors.