The economic situation in Armenia is miserable

25.01.2013 | 12:11

1368001805_po5The global economic crisis stroke Armenia so hard that it cannot be normal yet. Now, the economical situation in Armenia is miserable. Already the country is saving the financial means. Armenia has already passed to quarterly planned system of budget. It is some years that Armenian state stopped the work of middle periodic expense program. The foreign debts of country increase every year. At the same time the country depends on humanitarian aids. In January and November of last year Armenia has got 55.9 billion dollar humanitarian aid. In compare with analogical period the size of humanitarian aid decreased 2.9 percent of 2.5 billion dollar.


In 1989 Azerbaijan nation was declared as “The most fighter nation of the year”

19.01.2013 | 12:26

1358594220_yazici-anarNational writer Anar: “20th January events were the tragedy, also proud”.  The 20th January events happened 23 years ago became national specimen for our nation. That is why public-political figures do not support to remember that day as tragedy. But how the 20th January slaughter should be presented to young generation? “KarabakhINFO.com” asked from people who were inside the social-political events of those years.


“How Sarkisyan made 7 of his 14 competitor out of order”

17.01.2013 | 12:34

1376560981_3Aydin Mirzezadeh: “ As the influence of Sarkisyan is not so high, there will be falsification in president elections”

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Armenia already elucidated the names of candidates who will participate in presidential elections. So, the names of 8 candidates were approved to participate in presidential elections in 2013.


“The use of Khocali airport by Armenia has diversion character”

14.01.2013 | 05:46

1357916382_xocali-seroportu-esasAs you know, the “prime minister” of the false Mountainous Karbabakh republic declared that the first flies will be in Khocali airport soon. It is known that, Armenia want to make the next diversion by this step. At the same time, they make a new danger in region. It is interesting, what influence will have the work of Khocali airport in negotiations for solution of Mountainous Karabakh conflict? About this problems KarabakhInfo.com addressed to experts.