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“Innocent Sinners” – PROJECT

27.11.2014 | 11:33

azerbaijan_map_and_flag_by_qasimov-d3aa039.jpg.opt902x608o0,0s902x608What connects Armenians to Azerbaijan?
Why these ties could not tie Azerbaijanis to their native lands?
Armenians explain the reasons of staying in Azerbaijan.


“Lachin citizens were there, where they had to be to the end”

17.05.2014 | 10:41

1400306970_rauf1122 year  have  passed  after  Lachin’s  invasion  by  Armenian  armed  forces. The  Armenian  army  invaded  Lachin  on  May 18, 1992, attacking  from  Turshsu  village  of  Shusha  and  Gorus  region  of  Armenia. Lachin  region  situated  in  the mountainous  area  in  the  south-west  of  Azerbaijan  borders  on  Kalbajar  in  the  north, Shusha  in  the  east, Gubadli  in  the  south, Armenia  in  the  west. Its  area  is  1835  square  kilometers, the  population  had  been  64 thousand  until  the  invasion.


We have always stabled heavily against the enemies in Shelly post

21.04.2014 | 13:25

1398064368_1396953954_samil1I also had 4 boxes of bullets in that room which I had bought with my own money.

Abilov Shamil Mammad oglu was born in Seyidli village of Agdam in 1969. He served in the Soviet army for many years. In 1990 he started military service in our country. He was born one of the first soldiers of our national army since it was created. He has performed some positions as Regiment commander, Tabor commander an so on.