Through the eyes of witnesses

“If I return, give my cap back”

25.02.2014 | 05:42

1393333407_lif-hacyevAzerbaijan National Hero, the martyr in Khojali massacre, mayor Alif Hajiyev is known to everyone.

In a few days we’re going to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of Khojali tragedy with pain in our hearts as every year. We feel responsibility to remember National Hero Alif Hajiyev who sacrificed himself in this massacre. We met his sister Mina khanum to write about his heroism. As for Mina khanum, she lost 16 close relatives of hers, two of them being her brothers: Suleyman and Alif. It is very difficult to memorize those events and to talk about them. Mina khanum remembers the happenings as a witness like this:


January victims of the January…

20.01.2014 | 05:56

Today, in 1990, 24 years have passed since the terrible tragedy of 20 January. Though years from the date of the incident pass but we pain of tragedy are not forgotten.

One of the victims of Bloody January tragedy on January is Nassirov Shirali. It should be noted that January Shirali, was born in the village in the Agdam region GulablyJanuary 1, 1957. Because of his birth in January, his parents gave him January name. But who could have guessedwho was born in January would farewell with life in a young age in January. He was married. Who sacrificed his life for the motherland and had a half years old a son.


We put the seal of our motherland there

13.08.2013 | 17:29

1376400171_1One of the most prominent heroes of Azerbaijan army who fought against Armenians was General Lieutenant Mashallah Aliyev. He was born in Jalilabad on 14th April. He graduated from Polytechnic university. His profession is building engineering. However, he also graduated from the military department of the same university. He served as an officer in Soviet army. This interview would be interesting for you.


Smertnik Tahir’s fighting way

13.08.2013 | 10:17

1376374150_1Bayramov Tahir was born in Agdam region in 1960. He is married and has 4 children. He participated in the first Karabakh wars during 1988-1994. Several heroic warriors were killed by Armenian aggressive forces in the war against Azerbaijan. One of such people was Tahir Bayramov who was known with name of Smertnik Tahir. We heard about him a lot, however we knew that he does not to give interview to anyone. On the commemoration day of Azerbaijan’s National Hero Fred Asif we saw him in the grave yard. I introduced myself and said that I am a member of “KarabkhINFO” international journal and asked him to talk about his struggle way and inform our readers. My first question was following: