Through the eyes of witnesses

The history of heroism

24.05.2013 | 15:50

1369395736_img_3278Some say they sold, some tell they occupied, some say they could not defend Karabakh..

We defended, defended until the last drop blood. We died, revenged, gave martyr for faith. But…

We lost many things. Mainly we lost our lands, our careless childhood which we can never return. And also we lost our hero sons. Those sons that Armenians passed over their bodies and occupied Cebrail, Zengilan, Agdam, Shusha, Lachin, Agdere, Qubadli, Fuzuli. As they told when they were alive…


“Armenians burnt my grandfather, grandmother, uncles, in one word all of my generation gathering them in one hut”

30.03.2013 | 12:10

1364630971_nn In XX century the mass deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia realized in three stages: Firs stage- 1905-1920 years, second stage- 1948-1953, the third stage- 1988-1992. As it is approved in statistic and archive documents, as a result of those operations more than million five hundred thousand Azerbaijanis who lived in today’s Armenian territories were made to move from historical lands. After Armenia Soviet Republic was established the names of 698 of 940 living points where Azerbaijanis lived were changed into Armenian names. But this was not enough for Armenians. The name changing operation continues after Azerbaijanis were deported from republican territories. Due to the order of ex president of Levon Ter-Petrosyan in 1991 9 April, the names of last 91 Azerbaijanis living places were changed into Armenian names.


“When we were stroke to the floor, nails bored our bodies”

28.02.2013 | 11:37

1362036631_naibyllogo-mansetI thought that the events about frozen mother and her alive child in story named “Frozen statue” of writer Anver Mammedkhanli about the II world war are imagined. Until Karabakh events and Khojaly tragedy. Now there are life stories of people from Khojaly, generally from Karabakh which many people would not believe and can be topic for stories. Like hundreds of Khojaly residents that “frozen statue” is written to the fortune.


Armenians burnt dead bodies and wounded people pouring petrol on them

25.02.2013 | 15:48

1361792683_azeri_man_with_stripped_by_armenians_skin_of_face_from_hocaliKhocali habitant Qedim Abbasov: “the captives who had metal teeth they pulled out with the head of nail”


    The next anniversary of Khocali genocide is closing. It is very difficult for witnesses to remember that night. But that genocide realized by Armenian-Russian militaries in 26th February of 1992 should not been forgotten. The crimes made by Armenian fascism should be informed to the world society. The most correct facts can be told by witnesses of Khocali tragedy. In this case “KarabakhINFO.com” presents the interviews of Khocali genocide witnesses in succession. Our interviewer is Qedim Abbasov who was one of the habitants who left the city last in occupation day of Khocali and lived 48 day captive life.