Through the eyes of witnesses

“We made coffin from night till morning”

22.01.2013 | 12:07

1358839246_xiyaban-2Shakir Agayev: “That is why in the morning Russian army threw grenade with BRDM and burnt enterprise”        


20th January tragedy was an unexpected and hard event for our nation. Though it was national mourning for Azerbaijan, nobody lost mind. The next day of slaughter, Public Funeral Commission was established and the organization of funeral of our martyrs for faith began. Though officials objected this, nation with the insistence of activists decided to make Highland Park the place of funeral for martyrs for faith. But as it was national funeral there was a need to bring martyrs for faith from Teze Pis Mosque to Martyr’s Alley in coffins. Shakir Agayev who was a member of Funeral Commission that time, pledged making coffins to himself. We met with S.Agayev and asked him to share hard memories of those terrible days with us.



Witness of 20th January

19.01.2013 | 11:54

1358580683_ruxsare1Rukhsare Cumayeva: “the shouts and the sounds of bullets were mixed in streets”

 The hardest day that Soviet Empire caused us was the night of 20th January in 1990. Kremlin wanted to strangle the voice of our nation which wanted to get national freedom with this terror. But the patriot children of Azerbaijan rose to the peak of martyr for faith with their blood and wrote bright pages in heroism epos. One of the young activists of national freedom movement then, Ruxsare Cumayeva was one of the first ones who knew that the troops entered into Baku at night of 20th January. Ruxsare told what she have seen at that night as a witness to “KarabakhInfo.com”.


“While the tree tautened, the skin of the head of the soldier was stripped”

10.01.2013 | 12:08

1357641884_mg_0361War does not stay in mind only with lost. There are so many things which are formed after the war. For example, the masterpieces of fighter painter Bayram Elioglu. The main line of his art is the reality of war which he was witnessed.  Our conversation with painter was in the same topic. Though it is easy for painter Bayram Elioglu who is working in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art and fighter of Karabakh war to paint war horrors, it is difficult to return to those years.