Through the eyes of witnesses

The captive life is an example of the martyrdom

09.10.2012 | 17:19
1349785128_1348484628_dsc03279The captive life is an example of the martyrdom.
Today our interviewer is Quliyev Hueynaga Aydin. He is from Khocali and was captive for 8 days in Armenia. He also was the head commander in Khocali post.


The witness tells…

26.09.2012 | 17:51
???????????????????????????????There more than 100 year, world Armenians are working on the idea of “Great Armania from sea to sea”. But Azerbaijanians look to the new idea of Armenians’ as an illusion, though the enemy is decisive in this way. They are going to their aim step by step using all opportunities of mind, insidiousness and ruse. There are hundreds of historical documents about how Armenians settled in this region in last 200 hundred year. But for our so-called neighbors who pretend as “oppressed”, “historically hurt nation” settlement in other’s land is not enough. They change their tactics very often for strategic aims. When they can not get what they want in the way of meeting, protests, military violence, they cover their land pretension with 2 Armenian genocide.


Mughan Panahov: Armenians had set a trap to us

17.09.2012 | 17:42
1347885776_images-1Mughan Panahov: Armenians had set a trap to us. From the archive of the author. … We met with the writing in the forest. There had been written: “turn to the right”. We were glad and thought that the people who save before us wrote it for help the persons who will come later. But fire when we moved forward in the direction showed us that we were mistaken. Mughan Panahov lived 9 years in Khojaly with his family. He says that it was fired to the Khojaly from four sides before. At this time he was thinking about the fate of his children more. Because his daughters feared very much from the rocket fire sounds.


I am ill-fated. A father, whose two children of him were killed by Armenians in front of him

14.09.2012 | 19:16

1347632074_dsc03378-Could you share yor sorrow with us?


– Haji Sattar Aghayev.The resident of Khodjali city. February 1988 all Armenian fascists were rose up for to combine Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia. Besides tthey began to held some demonstrations. Then Khojali people became against of it and they have got strong answers from us. They have had attacks to Khojali over and again. In each attack of them they made a step back with grievous losses. These happenings became to enlarge more and were resulted in the war. At that times it was called “national conflict”. In 1991, on 25th of December Armenians burnt Mesheli village ant its residents.