Through the eyes of witnesses

6 months and 25 days in the darkness

13.09.2012 | 11:14
1347516834_kamil-1Huseynov Kamil, Dadash was born in 1953 in the Khodjali region. He remained as a captive during 6 months and 25 days period. * Please share with us something. How had happened all these things? * It is hard to share those feelings. I feel like choking with excitement, while speaking about them. It was snowy and stormy winter night. Darkness. Being of storm, we couldn’t able to see anything. Armenians attacked to Khodjali from all sides, by tanks. We were unarmed.


We are unhappy

12.09.2012 | 11:33
1347431594_esirI – Abulfat Karimov, Rashid, was born on 3rd of August in 1960 in Khodjali region. When Khodjali accidents were happening, I was there. I was fighter in the battalion. My late father, Rashid Karimov, Rahim have been participant of the Great Patriotic War. He was second-grade disabled soldier. There was a village called Dahraz in Asgaran region. We were surrounded by Armenians near that region. While trying to break of encirclement, I was captured by Armenians. At that time my father remained in the forest and missed away. We don’t know where he is now.