Damages Azerbaijan suffered as a result of Armenian occupation made public

25.09.2012 | 18:39
1348580406_qarabag-ishgal-altinda-250912-1The Ministry of Economical Development has counted the size of damage Azerbaijan suffered as a result of the Armenian occupation.
The deputy head of the intergovernmental economical cooperation department Natig Hasanov told APA. 

Hasanov said that the size of the damage as a result of the Armenian occupation is equal to USD 431,5 billion: “This index was concluded on the base of researches of different Ministries, including the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Committee on Work with Refuges and IDPs and other state organizations, as well as on the information of Ministry of Economical Development”.

Hasanov said that the accounting process is being continued.



25.09.2012 18:39

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