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27.12.2013 | 11:58

1388130657_1503932_560378624036616_1931209564_nZaur GARIBOGHLU

“KarabakhINFO.com” international e-journal and the editor-in-chief of “KİTV”

From early September 2012,”withACSDA’s president, Deputy Elkhan Suleymanov’s blessing,organizing of Vali Alibeyovwith the slogan “our goal is Karabakh”” KarabakhİNFO.com ” international electronic journal began to operate. We had only one goal: to convey to the world the truth about the land of Karabakh occupied by Armenia and to respond properly to the information war against Azerbaijan which waging by Armenians in the world.

Though we start the virtual war with Azerbaijani, English and Armenian languages but today with 10 languages including Russian, German, Turkish, French, Arabic, Spanish and Italian languages we continue ​​ ​​silencing Armenians. Over the last few years, as”KarabakhINFO.com” e-journal we can say with confidence that we are the voice of Azerbaijan and we successfully broadcast President IlhamAliyev’s foreign policy concept to the world community, within the framework of the policy pursued for the sake of the liberation of Karabakh.We collectedmore than 45,000-50,000 readers per month.


Over the years, we held our presentations in Georgia and Turkey; awards received and informed well-known political figures from around the world about Karabakh. A well-known political scientists, scholars and Chinese high-ranking officials wrote about Armenia’s occupation policy through our website. So far, the 100 well-known intellectuals (among thempolitics, culture, arts, sports, science, and etc. were working fields) expressed positive opinions about us. We organized meetings with Karabakh war participants and displaced persons.


Last for more than a year, about 50 newspapers and internet news portalsaround the country published special articles www.karabakhinfo.com website activity. Reference materials of this site were used. Many people outside the country, including the administration of the country, about 30 countries ‘parliamentarians, international organizations and various companies around the world, non-governmental organizations, influential media outlets, universities and other educational institutions were sentan e-mail about www.karabakhinfo.com site.

National Academy of Sciences, Baku State University, Azerbaijan Tourism Institute, the University, Azerbaijan University of Languages, and other higher education institutions of science and scientists, professors, teachers and students were provided with materials by site.


During the year we had private companies beside Khojalygenocide. Within 10 years occupied territory, population, culture, history related articles; live interviews with witnesses have brought to the attention of the local and global society. We swore that we will not stop unless or lands exempted.

Over the years, we faced with the influence of Armenian pressure. Our site was subjected hacker attacks repeatedly. We received e-mail and letters full of insults and threats by Armenians. However, these situations encouraged us.


Say good bye to the year 2013. Ahead of us, we have great things in 2014.With our articles and meetings; we will continue the silencing Armenians by different means. Abroad in foreign countries we will be present thesite. We will involve foreign experts, scholars, professors to the site and publish their articles.

However, these works are carried out without Karabakh. Without Shusha, Lachin, Agdam, Zengilan, ,Khojaly and Kelbejer.

Despite the successes mentioned above, if we see off this year without Karabakh, that is to say, we worked very weak, had a little power. We should not boast with our work. We set out with the “Our goal is Karabakh”. Insallah we will get our lands back in 2014 …



27.12.2013 11:58

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