Elkhan Suleymanov addressed 2 letters to MEPs regarding biased anti-Azerbaijani resolution

11.09.2015 | 17:29


The European Parliament adopted non-objective and biased resoltuion against Azerbaijan on September 9, 2015. The vote passed with 365 votes in favor and 202 against, with 72 abstentions, which can be de facto counted as against, so 365 MEPs did vote for the critical urgency resolution, but 274 MEPs did not support the resolution. The voting results proved serious split of views towards Azerbaijan among MEPs.

Elkhan Suleymanov, Chairman of Azerbaijani delegation to the Euronest PA, addressed a letter to MEPs, who voted against the resolution, supporting friendship and cooperation with Azerbaijan, and another letter to MEPs, who voted in favor of the resolution, supporting anti-Azerbaijani campaign.

Taking the urgency of the issue into consideration, we bring the two letters to the attention of readers.




To the attention of,

The Honourable Ms. Marietje Schaake, MEP

The Honourable Ms. Ulrike Lunacek, MEP

MEPs supporting an Anti-Azeri campaign,


Dear Members of the European Parliament,


You have succeeded, once again and despite all common sense, to push through the Plenary of your House a slanderous and aggressive attack against Azerbaijan, EU-Azeri relations and, in the end, the very interests of the EU citizens you claim to defend. Ignoring reality and using half-truths, disinformation and relying of fabrication and lies, you filled up a document with accusations which, you probably hope, will serve to alienate Azerbaijan, push it far from the path of development and stability and endanger its integration in Europe and the global community.

We are positive that you will be disappointed. Azerbaijan is a strong, flourishing country, with a dynamic youth and a modern outlook. Its citizens are free, and its laws strong and well respected – by everyone, starting with the government. Its judicial system functions in line with international standards. If any citizen, no matter their profession or political affiliation, is found guilty of breaching the law, they are sentenced accordingly, just like in your countries. Tax evasionists are not considered political prisoners in the Netherlands or Austria, nor in Azerbaijan. If you would have taken the time to dialogue with us on every single case you quoted, we could have provided you with the factual reality.

But you probably are already aware of this, just as you are aware that continuously asking for the release of duly sentenced persons is considered interference in the judicial system. You are also aware that many other of the issues named or called for in your resolution either have no basis or are outright absurd.

Because the truth, it seems, is that you care very little about Azerbaijan or Azeri citizens. Claiming their best-interest at heart, you actually lobby for a cease in cooperation and negotiation between the EU and our country, something which would only serve to harm those Azeris involved in studying or cooperating in the European Union. You event want sanctions which would only serve to harm our people! You, who so vigorously defended Ukraine, another country living a territory under occupation, talk at length about inexistent “crackdowns” yet you completely fail to address truly the pressing concerns of Azeris.

Namely, living with an enemy army occupying their lands, taking shots daily at their fellow citizens, forcing them in hundreds of thousands to be refugees and internally displaced persons. You, who claim to care, what have you done, at least once, to deal with this crisis that is plaguing us for 21 years?

Well, what it seems you like to do is accuse, accuse, draft irrelevant documents where you make judgements about elections which haven’t even yet happened. This behaviour serves to underline your blind strategy to attack our country. It is unfortunate, but in the end it matters little. There are many other European politicians who see reason and the reality: that the future of Europe and of Azerbaijan are closely tied together!



With regards,

Elkhan Suleymanov

Chair of the Azerbaijan Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

11.09.2015 17:29

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