Expert: Georgia may be involved in case of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan

12.11.2014 | 13:09

БезымянныйGeorgian expert Mamuka Areshidze believes that Georgia may be involved in case of a large-scale war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
He recalled that Georgia was involved during the previous war. The expert noted that the country will have to receive refugees from both parties.
“It is not ruled out that the parties may hold acts of sabotage in the territory of Georgia,” he said.
Georgia has regions populated by Azerbaijanis and Armenians, therefore the local conflicts are also possible. And most importantly, in case of war, one can put a period to economic activity of the region.
Georgia will be directly or indirectly involved in the conflict, and it will be difficult for the authorities to do something. The only thing they can to act as a mediator, he added.
“The main goal is to determine who will benefit from escalation, and this will be decided in several days,” he said.






12.11.2014 13:09

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