Falsified Armenian genocide claims

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1366779007_zaur-ekil Zaur Eliyev

The collaborator of ANSA

The chairman of the Diaspora and Lobby Strategic Research Center  

Dr. of political Philosophy science

Until the Poland lawyer origin Jewish Raphael Lemkin suggested the genocide term, the world politicians and lawyers did not give concrete name to such crimes. First time in 1944 Raphael Lemkin used “genocide” term in order to express the politics of mass slaughter of European Jews by fascists. The term genocide was formed by joining the genos in Greek language – “generation, family”, in Latin caedo- “killing”. Until today many countries in the world use “genocide” term without translating, in original. This term which entered to the political and law vocabulary in 1990 years expressed the crime against humanity and people. Without depend on in any language it is used, it expresses the annihilation of generation of any nation, ethnos, race or religious group that was exposed to this crime.

Historical facts and documents prove that, though the events of 1915 year were far from the genocide term, the action which was done against Azerbaijanis by Armenians also is the action that was done to annihilate a nation.

Due to the thoughts of Professor Nuru Memmedov Armenian dashnaks and nationalists who had claims in Azerbaijan and Turkey territory led fraud politics, made secret, sometimes legal wars for motoethnic and “without Turks Armenia” for years, held genocide politics against Turkish nations in order to establish “from sea to sea” big empire. They used crimes and wildness, mass slaughters vandalism which have not been seen in the history in order to realize their insidious and hazardous intentions. This dirty politics realized by Armenian nationalists who have chauvinist soul, brought the refugee life full of tragedy, death, torture, hard life, the regret for homeland to the Turkish nations in all periods of history. The Armenian aggressors who occupied about 20 percent of Azerbaijan territory brought hard tortures to our nation, more than 1 million Azerbaijanis turned into refugees and IDPs.

It is shown in the researches that, Armenian nationalists did not deviate from realizing the dirtiest ways in order to realize their stupid and imaginary plan and establish the “Big Armenia” empire. So, in different times Armenians falsified the historical facts showed themselves as if the side that exposed to genocide. But the facts show that, Armenians realized the mass slaughters, conspiracies and terror against Azerbaijanis and Turks, annihilated the peaceful population.

It is known from the researches that, the ethnic annihilation politics and territory claims of Armenians was in unity with the territorial claims of czar Russia and Soviet Union against Turkey and this issues were the insidious and hazardous politics which were directed to break, occupation and division of Azerbaijan territories and it showed itself in different periods. The Moscow had its special interests in realization of the fraud politics of Armenian nationalists. In different periods of history either czar government or the official circles of totalitarian soviet regime tried to use Armenian syndrome to enlarge and strengthen the southern boundaries and to enlarge the empire boundaries in Southern Caucasus due the territories of Turkey, so tried to realize its geopolitical interests, made practice measures time by time. At the result, for the use of “Armenian issue” the slaughter and deportation of Azerbaijanis was organized. The fortune of Azerbaijan and Turkish nations was sacrificed to the insidious politics.

It is clear from researches that, the shamlessness of Armenian nationalists, their terror and provocation activity began to raise more dangerous at the end of 80th years of the XX century. Armenians began their open occupation politics of Karabakh and Nakhcivan, at the results Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict, the Mountainous Karabakh war began. Armenian extremists who lead the ethnic cleaning politics occupied Azerbaijan territories in armed way, the war became harsher, Armenians established mono ethnic state, and the Azerbaijanis who were the local population and lived in Armenian territory were deprived out.

The world society should know that, Armenians who even did not have any capital made Irevan city capital in 29th May of 1918. Due to the terms of Batum agreement signed in 1918, Armenians who had 9 thousand kv.meter territories, now have 45 thousand kv.meter territories where the occupied Azerbaijan territory also included.

It is known that in humanity history many genocides were realized, hundred thousand people were killed innocent. But no nation was as wild as Armenian executioners; no nation realized such wildness and vandalism. The wildness of Armenian dashnaks showed itself in all period and caused to the hatred of people. The bloody slaughters done by Armenian executioners during the XX century is the tragedy which cannot be imagined by human with all wildness and is the real genocide and slaughter politics against Turkish nations. Especially in XIX-XX centuries as the result of ethnic cleaning and genocide politics which was realized against Turks and Azerbaijanis intentionally about hundred thousand innocent people were killed. Armenian intentions which were realized by time and in a planned way was just a part of politics of establishment “Big Armenia” in order to go to the from sea to sea, then for the exit to the world oceans. Armenian nationalists did not avoid of using the most disgusting methods. Armenian terror groups made bloody slaughters in the second part of XIX century in Zeytun ( 1862, 1878 and 1884 years), Sasun (1880), Van (1884) provinces od Turkey and more than 2 million Anadolu turks were killed as a result of these slaughters. At the beginning of XX century Azerbaijanis were mass killed in Baku, Shusha, Irevan, Nakhcivan, Karabakh, Borchali,. Qazakh, Zengezur, Gence, Quba, Tbilisi and in other places. In 1905-1907 years, in 1918-1920 years, in 1948-1953 years and in 1988-1993 years the tragedies done to Azerbaijan nation in reality is the genocide and slaughter politics. So, in XX century, Azerbaijan nation exposed to genocide for four times and at the results more than 2 million Azerbaijanis were the innocent victims of this insidious politics.

It is impossible to forget the historical past and to deny historical events. Today there is a need to e research of secret archive documents, to discover the historical realities, to deliver the facts in works of great historians, antique scientists to the world. Armenian executioners show themselves to the world as “poor nation” and made propaganda everywhere, made a serious effort to make the “Armenian genocide” recognize everywhere and today they do their best.

But where the falsified “Armenian genocide” issue was established? In history its known that the “Armenian issue” came to the reality as the part of Eastern issue and big states used it in order to realize their invader intentions. The meaning of Eastern issue consisted of the break of territories of Ottoman Empire, abolition of Turkey as a state, establishment another state on account of Turkish lands. Also, that issue was the express of international conflicts among Russia and Western states in order to master the East and the example of invasion plans against Eastern nations. For realize of Eastern politics Armenians were used and the Armenians live in the territory of Turkey were chosen as the main target. During the First World War Antanta states began to pressure Turkey which was in Germany side. This pressure began to strengthen. Even in 29th October of 1914 Russia declared war to Turkey. In such time, Armenians live in Turkey made a big army and armed by the help of Russia and began to kill Turks everywhere. Armenian armed bands cut Turks wildly, burnt them in fires, pulled their eyes out, stripped the skin of their heads, put the babies on bayonets. As a result of such vandalism by Armenians 600 thousand Turks were killed. Of course as Turkey was busy on the war, they distracted their attention from internal affairs. But as the Turkish State and Turkish military commandants saw the situation, they should answer the Armenian executioners. 200 thousand Armenian were moved to the southern part of Turkey, also to Iraq, Syria and other places. Some part of moved Armenians was arranged in Karabakh, Western Azerbaijan (today’s Armenia) and in Baku. As you see the main sinner of the events were Armenians and Turks were killed more. But by time, Armenians falsified the historical facts and swelled the amount of died Armenians unnaturally, first they told there died 600 thousand, then 800 thousand, then 1.5 million people. But in 1914 only 1.294.851 Armenian lived in the territory of Turkey, this was about 6.9 percent of the population (18.520.016).

The famous investigator scientist of Turkey, professor Ismail Urcelik shows in his “Armenian pretensions and realities” book that, during the First World War Armenians got support in order to realize their intentions. Russia promised that they will help to form new Armenia. Then the organize process of new Armenian military regiments in territory of Turkey went rapidly. Armenian leaders leaded those regiments. Even Armenian International bureau was established in Tbilisi in order to make a tie among those Armenian military bands. The count of volunteer military bands increased as many Armenians from foreign countries came and joined to them. In short time, Armenians from Russia, Iran, America, England, France, Bulgaria, Rumania, even from Bukhara entered to Armenian regiments voluntarily. They were especially trained. Approximately 180 thousand Armenians took trainings. Trained Armenian spies were charged to be busy on diversion job, to kill people, to strike Turkish army from back.

It’s strange that those spy Armenian armed men attacked homes at night, killed peaceful people, did wildness until morning, but in daytime they went to their regiments. To learn these secret tactical operations made for Ottoman state some difficulties.

In reality, Ottoman government knew this saboteur activity of Armenians and that is why Enver pasha called Armenian patriarch and told him: “… in the case when there is a loyalty to Armenians, they harm Muslims and Ottoman state”. He asked patriarch to give them advice or if there will not be results the most serious steps will be done in this direction. But as Armenians decided what to do beforehand there was no any results.

At the result at the beginning of 1914 August, Ottoman state decided about mobilization. As an answer of this important measure by government, Armenian leaders sent secret directions to Armenian regiments in order to realize their dirty activity and they got charge to begin the opposite attack. That time Echmedzin catholicon Kevork asked from the head viceroy of Caucasus Voronsov Dashkov Russian patronage for Armenians, and told that they will fight against Ottoman state. Voronsov Dashkov declared that an Armenian state in occupied regions of Ottoman (six provinces) will be recognized by Russia. Russian czar II Nicholay also gave the same promise and declared that Armenians will fight against Turks with Russians. “Dashnaksutyun” party began its activity by calling Armenians to be armed, that it’s time for new Armenia, to believe in the support of Russia, being armed against the Turkey and incited the enmity.

The first action by Armenian armed bands began in Zeytun (17th August 1914) and enlarged by time. Armenian militaries began unbelievable savageness in Anadolu and Caucasus against Turks. They killed hundreds of Muslims, systematically old men, children, women, girls, ill people and invalid people. They killed wounded Turkish soldiers who returned from the front. They stroke Ottoman army from back and closed all spare ways that came for help. They attacked to the official state offices, sent Armenian security bands to the public buildings. They killed all who did not join to those savage activities of Armenians, they killed even Armenians. Armenians did unbelievable savageness in Zeytun, Kayseri, itlis, Sivas, Trabzon, Ankara, Adana, Urfa, Izmir, Bursa and so on places. Ottoman state lived its hard days.

So the mass slaughter of Turks made Ottoman state to find exit from situation and make opposite measures acting serious and sharp. It was impossible to forget that Turkey was busy on war at that time; Turks had hard lost in front. At that time 180 thousand Armenian gunmen in compound of Russian army killed peaceful population of Turkey and annihilated them.

Of course, the hard strikes hit by Armenian armed bands and the mass slaughter of Turkish population, also the perfidy of Armenians to the country they lived made Turkey to make serious decisions. That is why, in 24th April of 1915 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey Telet Pasha ordered to close immediately Armenian committees in Istanbul and big cities, the arrest of nationalist Armenian leaders and confiscation of documents and 600 people were arrested. Then in 30th May of 1915 very fair and humanist decree was given about the move of Armenians in fight territory to the less dangerous places. Decree was sent to 14 deputy and they were charged to realize it in a little time. Even people who did not want to take property could sell it. From sources we know that, most of moved Armenians voluntarily migrated to the foreign countries.

The research of events, facts and the existed historical condition makes base to make result that, the decision given by Turkish government about the movement was right. Even the instructions by Turkish government about the guarantee of property and moved people show again how they were fair. As Turkish nation never was enemy to any nation, was in friendship and neighborhood relationship with neighborhood countries in history. But betrayer Armenians, dishonorable Armenian nationalists, priests who incited the conflict and dashnaks incited the slaughters.

Armenian gangsters killed 20 thousand people in Malazgird city of Turkey in 11th May of 1916 wildly, killed 15 thousand people in Van city in 22nd May, and killed 1000 babies. In January of 1918 they joined about 1400 child in one place in Qetranli village of Turkey and burnt them. In 17th May they killed 10 thousand peaceful people in Urmia. Due to the researches of J. and K. Maccarties in the beginning of XX century during the bloody events realized by Armenians about 2.5 million Muslim were killed.

Armenian nationalists and their dashnak leades shout from that day and falsify the history and try to show that the 24th April of 1915 was “Armenian genocide”. But, people who do not know the history, who do not know the historical condition at that time or who cannot analyze objectively the events at that time believe in this lie propaganda. But the fact is fact; history is the live witness of events. Facts show that, Armenians made genocide and slaughter politics against Turks. As the lost of Turks were more. Armenians know this well also. Then there is a question: but why Armenians do not give up the slander and try to tell that “Armenian genocide” was done by Turks? The answer is seen in the thoughts of Ross Vartanyan- one of the leaders of Armenians in the USA: “If genocide project would be adopted we could use it and get firstly from Turkey compensation, then territory to establish Armenian state in Eastern Anadoly which has boundaries with Black Sea”. So dashnaks did not give up from the idea “Big Armenia” and made the slander and falsified “Armenian genocide” flag in their hands to realize their hazardous activity.

Now the well-known scientists, experts in the world turn down the “Armenian genocide” and they deny there was such genocide after the serious researches. French scientist Gorge de Malevil wrote in his “Armenian genocide in 1915” book and showed by rich historical facts that until the last quarter of XIX century Armenians lived in peace with Turks, but after the establishment of Dashnaksutyun party this kind relationship turned into the cruel enmity. Author proves that, the 1915 events increased from the enmity acts of Dashnaks. Author tells due to the historical facts: “there was not any genocide in 1915.

The USA scientists Castin Mackarty and Karolin Mackarty came to an objective result due to the historical facts that Armenian genocide is falsified and slander. These authors prove in “Turk-i armyane” research work that there was not any genocide in Eastern Anadolu. Armenian dashnak bands killed Turks and Azerbaijanis in Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Caucasus. It is known due to the historical facts that, dashnak general Andranik in Zengibasar, Qemerli, Vedibasar, Sherur, Nakchivan, gangster general Dro in Derelayaz, blood drinker general Silikov in Goyche, general Ncde in Zengezur did unbelievable wildness. Jastin Mackarti shows in his “was there any genocide?” work that, only in the first quarter of XX century Armenians killed about 2 million Turks in slaughters.

Professor Musa Qasimli notes that, in 23rd September of 1914 the advisor of politics department of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Klen wrote to ambassador Girs in Istanbul in his 25851 number telegram that, “Due to the agreement of Supreme commander in chief and viceroy of Caucasus if there will be a war with Turkey it is decided to plan the revolt of Armenians, Aysors, Kurds in time. Bands (South Azerbaijan is considered) will be prepared without the information of Persian administration, by consuls and military generals”. It was shown in that telegram: “Guns are ready, they will be given if there will be a need. There is financial aid also, bands will begin only after our agreement”.

It shows how the armed bands were prepared. Sometime before from this telegram, in 24thAugust of 1914 viceroy of Caucasus Vorontsov wrote to Sazanov in his 441 number telegram that Armenian bands are formed against Turks: “If there will be a war with Turkey they will be used, that is why we ask you to have negotiations with Military Ministry for 25 gun, 12 million bullet”.

Main charged were given from Moscow, Petersburg. In 20th September of 1914 Vorontsov informed Sazanov in his telegram number 760 about the formulation of Armenian armed bands and showed the concrete places and leaders. It is shown openly in telegram- Armenian bands are prepared under the Russian military commanders in Polt, Sariqamish, Kagizman and Igdir, under the consul general Voronopov in Khoy in Azerbaijan (South Azerbaijan is considered), consul Orlov in Maku, consul Vedenski and consul Andreyevsk in Urmia. These are historical documents. In 23rd September of 1914 general Yanoshkevich wrote to Sazanov in his telegram number 4180 that, Czar II Nicholay is agreed with all of these suggestions. So, after Ottomans and czar Russia had war, Armenian armed bands stroke peaceful Turk population from back. Armenians made revolt against the government, but also Armenian armed bands in everywhere of the empire began to kill the peaceful people.

Due to the genocide pretensions of Armenians, as if in 1915 as a result of movement politics of Ottoman State 1.5 million (first 300 thousand, then 600 thousand people) Armenians were killed. In order to base this falsified pretension, Armenian prepared different “documents”, falsified facts and invented some thoughts. Many scientists of Europe, America, Turkey and the world prove that those facts are falsified and invented by scientific arguments. But we have a new fact in our hands too. So in May of 2004 year a fundamental book prepared by well known Turkish scientists was published. The name is book is such: “Armenians: exile and movement”. Scientists who made researches for a long time in archives of America, France, England and Germany did not get any material about the Armenian genocide. The noted got from English archives among the documents in the book, are very important as they prove that the genocide pretensions of Armenians are lie and slander. So, new facts are found which exposure the genocide claims of Armenians.

After the First World War, the English made a census of Armenian population among 1917-1919 years. The results which nobody knows were found in that census. At the result it is known that in 1919 year the count of Armenians live in Ottoman lands was 1 million 602 thousand people.  Then it shows that the count of population in the place of “genocide” increased 102 thousand? How it can happen? So the documents and counts got from English archives reject the “Armenian genocide”.

In the book the counts of Armenian population in Ottoman state in 1914 are also given. It is shown that, there were people who died from hunger and illness during the war and there are Armenians, Turks, Kurds and other people among died people. Due to the archive documents in 1915-1918 years about 3 million people were ill; 711 thousand people were wounded in 1915-1918 years.

One of the most interesting facts is that, it’s clear from the archives of foreign countries that the exile decision of Turkish government encircled about 500 thousand Armenians. But Armenians shout the world that Armenians who were exiled were 1.5 million. So, the archives of foreign countries also deny Armenian lies. So the archive documents, historical facts and historical truth is that, Armenians made a well for themselves, did not know the value of earth they lives, bred they eat, water they drank and air they swallowed, did not know the labor of Turk people who helped them and arranged them in  Turkish lands. As a result due to the proverb that who digs a well to others falls himself came true and they were overtaken to the anger of God.

In the researches of historical scientists it is shown that in 1914-1915 years Armenians formed different military bands and gangster band killed ten thousands of Turkish citizens in Zeytun, Marash, Qeyresiyye, Diyarbekir, Erzincan, Bitlis, Van, Iskenderun, Mush, Trabzon, Ankara, Istanbul and in other cities, did savageness, burnt cities and villages, made real danger for Turkish nation and Ottoman state making revolts, so in order to establish Armenian state and realize their falsified imagination in Turkish lands made genocides.

Armenians tried to make state and government leaders, different people with their lies by all history, made serious efforts to make “Armenian genocide” recognized, sometimes they gained what they wanted. But Armenian lies always exposure.

“Armenian genocide” claims came into agenda in 1950 years, I mean after two years when the “genocide” expression got legal status. The pretensions by Church turned into big company by support of Armenian and American Armenian lobby.

Armenians gained the first recognition of “genocide” decision in Uruguay. In 20th April of 1965 Uruguay parliament recognized 24th April as the day of memory of “Armenian genocide (Uruguay parliament renew this decision in 2004 and 2005 years with two declarations).

After 17 years of this- in 29th April of 1982 the Greek community in Cyprus decided analogical decision.

The list of countries that recognized the “Armenian genocide”:

 Uruguay – 20 aprel 1965, 2004, 2005

 Southern Cyprus – 1982

 Argentina – 1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

 Russia – 1995, 22 April 2005

 Greek – 25 April 1996

 Canada – 1996, 2000 at last 21st April 2004

 Lebanese – 1997, 11 May 2000

 Belgium – 26 march 1998

 Vatican – 2000

 Italy – 17 November 2000

 France– 18 January 2001

 Sweden– 16 December 2003

 Slovakia – 30 November 2004

 Nederland – 21 December 2004

 Poland– 19 April 2005

 Germany – 16 June 2005

 Venezuela – 14 July 2005

 Lithuanian – 15 December 2005

 Chili – 2007

So Armenians who began the company since 1950 and gained the adoption of the first official decision in 1965, made their baseless claims to be adopted in 19 countries during the 45 years. Before the Committee of Foreign Affairs of two countries (Sweden and the USA) adopted the decree project.

The areas where the “Armenian genocide” claims spread are also interesting: Europe and America. The most of countries that recognized “genocide” are member of European Union which Turkey knocks the door. In America the only countries that recognized the genocide are not only Canada and three Latin American countries. In USA which is the strategically ally of Turkey about 30 states recognized the genocide. There are two projects about the genocide in agenda of the USA congress. The presidents of the US every year in 24th of April pass from the half step of “genocide” word. The country where the historical lie of Armenians mostly spread is France. A group of well-known historical scientists of France told sensational declaration which exposures the lie of “Armenian genocide”. In 2005 well-known 19 historical scientists of France objected the deceptive law projects. In their apply historical scientists told that some laws adopted in different years in country parliament do not reflect the historical realities, but political interests and they should be abolished. Historical scientists told that, while the country parliament adopted those laws did not learn the attitude of historical scientists. That is why they did not accept it. It is noted in apply that, the France government and parliament should always learn the attitude of historical scientists and consider their thoughts while adopting any law related to the history.

The importance of this apply for us is that, among the laws that made French historians angry and considered humiliating there is a law that was adopted in 29th January 2001 about the
recognition of falsified “Armenian genocide”. French scientists who showed negative attitude to this document too, objected to France state for adopting it under the pressure of Armenians who falsified historical truth, used to make hypocrite politics. French scientists demanded the abolishment of that law noting that recognition of falsified Armenian genocide which has no any bases is the humiliating document for France.

New law project which intends criminal responsibility for deny of Armenian genocide is presented to France parliament. In 2012 deputy of Union for the popular movement party Valerie Boyer presented new law project that intends the criminal responsibility for deny of “Armenian genocide” to the parliament. The information due to the Armenian press the law project was registered by National Assembly in 19th December. The project intends the amendment to the law about the freedom of speech adopted in 1881. If the change will be approved the legal obstacle of criminal responsibility for deny of the falsified “Armenian genocide” will be liquidated.

Generally the target of Armenians and Armenian lobby is to fulfill “4 T” demands:

  • The recognition of Genocide in the world;
  • The recognition of genocide by Turkey;
  • Turkey should pay compensasion to the heirs of people who were exposed to genocide;
  • Turkey should give lands in the east to Armenians;

They are already near to the first target. Now almost Western media and society accepts “genocide” claims. Now the legal and political side of problem stays. The decision of the USA congress has decisive importance. This decree will not like to decisions of other countries. If that project will pass other allies by leading of England and international organizations will act, also the compensation demands of Armenian lobby will come to the agenda. Armenians are close to the adoption of this decision.

Armenians are not satisfied with only the recognition. They gained the monuments in the countries named above, created 45000 site, shoot movies, they put the subject to school books in some countries (Germany), wrote books and now they legalize the criminal responsibility for those who tell there is no genocide in European countries.

Nowadays, new pope of catholic world Xorxe Matio Bergolio (I Franchesko) also supported falsified “Armenian genocide”. Due to the information, Bergolio was the announcer in the ceremony held about the 24th April falsified genocide in 2006 year in Buenos Aires which he is cardinal. Xorce Mario Bergio called Turkey in that ceremony to know the falsified “Armenian genocide”.

In the book of English writer and publicist S.F. Dickson- Jonson written in 1916 named “Armenians” it is shown that the myths created by Armenians “Armenian genocide” is falsified. He notes that, : “There is another face of overstating Armenian issue in Western world- this is a governance opportunity”. He adds that, the sin of what happened to Armenians and tragedy is on those who provoked them to the job they did not understand”.

Though, there are many facts they reject the falsified Armenian genocide claims. In 13th March of 2001 Sweden parliament rejected the law project about the expose of Armenians to “genocide” presented by Greek deputy Joseph Ziyadis. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden C. Desis told hinting to the falsification of Armenians: “… we cannot disorder our relationship with Turkey for the events which has no bases and happened 81 years before”.

The Irland historian Samuel Vims’s book: “Big Lie. The riddle of Christian-terrorist state” made sound in the world. It is proved in the book that Armenian nation is terrorist nation; the Armenia is a country that imports financial aid, exports terrorists. It is noted in the book: “modern Armenian terrorism develops due to the two reasons: first, since 1890 Armenian Church helps terrorism. Second bases on the existed political structure in the country”.

While the chairman of “Merets” party and ex ministry of education Yosi Sariq suggested adding Armenian genocide to the school program in 2000 year, the Israel ambassador in Turkey made big noise…. Then Simon Peres told the well known words: “this is not a job of parliament but the job of historians”. It was said in the letter then that while Jews tried to make motherland as a result of Holocaust Armenians “carved in their hearts and memories the broken and destroyed motherlands nostalgia of the holy Ararat Mountain which is the prison always”. Also under the influence of Armenian society Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent objection nota to the foreign office of Israel.

We believe in that the world will know the historical truth, understand the meaning of falsified “genocide” which was invented by Armenian nationalists and Armenian businessmen and will object to this hazardous invention, historical truth will win by the language of archive documents. Then intellect and wise, historical truth will win.


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