Forgive or kill?!

19.02.2013 | 13:22

1361265532_akif-nagi-big2Forgive or kill?!

I know that, I and also all are fed up with the topic of Ekrem Aylisli. But I felt duty to write this for history. May be there was no need to scandals about the novel “Stone dreams” of Ekrem Aylisli. We could think that he is enemy, wrote due to his trait, blamed our nation, casted aspersions; there is no need to give attention. But you also cannot be silent, because he is enemy and he is sitting on our fire.

Let’s research one question: was there a need to write that novel? Author could not explain this question; he got entangled with indefinite sentences like “I showed the intellectual, objective attitude of Azerbaijan nation and Azerbaijan intellectual”. In one hand he tells that this is work of art and the imagination of writer, on the other hand he tells that “if the things I wrote are not right you can cut me”. It means, he does not know why he wrote it, or he knows but cannot tell. Then let’s give another question: for whom this novel is suitable? Let’s go with the investigative way, on the way of research of motif.

Azerbaijanis did not need that novel; we did not make any crime or any mistake in order to confess. This is Armenians who made the crime, invaded our lands, and killed our people. They should write such things and apologize, confess. But does this text suitable for Armenians? Of course, this is windfall for them.

Also I don’t think that this is suitable for Ekrem Aylisli. Any way nobody wants to be constantly reproached. He made the mistake last time, we reproached him, he said that he is mistaken and refuses from his medals, goes to the village, will not come to Baku anymore and cried in front of cameras. Now I also don’t think that he is comfortable in front of such abuses. But why he did this? May be somebody is seriously interested in. Who is interested in? There is no other side besides Armenians in this case. He could not win his greediness in old age. This man always dreamed to live well, he thought this when married, in soviet period there was priority to international families. Ekrem Aylisli was who made comfortable life for himself in soviet period, now presents himself as dissident. It is interesting can any man tell so much lie, but in one place he was mistaken and told truth: “I took my masterpieces which could not publish in Azerbaijan to Moscow”. But why he was not published in Azerbaijan, how “anti-Soviet” man was he that he was not published in Azerbaijan but was published in Moscow. He was beloved in Moscow, because he wrote bad things about Azerbaijanis, Turks and Islam religion. He even abused our Prophet in order to make good for Moscow and called a dog “Muhammad” in one of the stories. This “dissident” walked around frontiers   feeling the change of government and when Elcibey was president asked position from him and got “Genclik” publishing house, eat it and went after destroying it. In the time of Heyder Aliyev he was deputy. This man changed himself like chameleon in order to live comfortable and now went to Armenians and realizes their orders.

I have read the internet variant of the novel written by that man. We can compare it with volcano erupting hatred to Azerbaijan nation, Islam religion.

It can be surprising to somebody, but I felt like the author is looking for his Armenian ancestors, makes his last duty in front of his ancestor, as if mooring for his people killed as if by Azerbaijanis and Turks (rekviev  also means mooring, he called his text novel-rekviev). He tells beforehand that he devoted the novel to his ancestors: “this book is devoted to fellow people who left their uncried tortures”.

Author tries to prove that Aylis village is an Armenian place even more beloved than Ecmuedzin. It is not accidentally that the two heroes of the novel Saday Sadaxli and doctor Abaseliev are from Aylisli, they have special love to Armenians, want to return to Armenian-Christian roots, and as Saday returns imaginary to Ecmuedzin in order to adopt Christianity. The most interesting image is Aniko (Anix). As if this woman was the only representative of Armenian family which was destroyed by Turks in 1919. He was taken from Azerbaijani family when she was 10 and then was a fiancée of that family. Anix lives double life. She tells her love to her husband and Muslims, even takes the mooring for imams, but also goes to Armenian Church and plants flowers there. And when she was dying she told to the Azerbaijanis women that she lied and did not change her religion. May be this image is the grandmother of Ekrem? I feel sorry that some people find words to support him. Yes, they find words because it is impossible to support him. May be they feel sorry for him or they want to please their Western friends. There are some who consider themselves as representatives of postmodernist, alternative thoughts movements and they feel duty to support any delirium. These people are made ill by Orhan Pamuk, Umberto Eko. They have Nobel wanting. Let it be, but for not abusing nation. Once a man wanted to justify Ekrem Aylisli and told that Nietzsche also abused his nation. This is right. But if you have read his texts you can see that he whips german nation as they got far from their roots, culture, music and history, he abuses them as they keened on “modern art”, called nation to base on their roots, culture, military victories. Our problematic pseudo liberals, pseudo democrats call people to spit our past and to join to the ugliness called “modern art”, “modern values” suggested today.

Some say, this is just a novel, do not pay attention, he is writer you cannot take his freedom. I want to tell those friends that, Armenians formed anti Turk, anti Azerbaijan and Anti Islam propaganda on falsified dairy called “Yellow book” and two novels. You know “Yellow book”, it is consisted of subjective memories of Armenians run from Turkey and cannot be used as a source in any case. Another novel is “40 days of Musa-dag” written by Jewish Franz Werfel in 1932. It is about as if the massacre of Armenians by Turks in Musa dag of Turkey. Turkish scientists prove that such events did not happen, author also told that this is not real events. But Armenians use every moment of that book, make movies. Another book is called the “farmstead of lark”, the author is Italian Antonia Arslan with Armenian origin. This woman is the granddaughter of Yervand Arslan who left Turkey during the period of 1915 events. Novel was published in 2004 and was translated into many languages and published billions. I have got the Russian variant of this book in Moscow in Russian language journals. This woman writes such unbelievable things as if happened to her grandfathers. For example,  as if Turkish soldiers enter the yard and cut the head of Sumbat with  sword and the head flies to the hands of Shushanik. Such things even do not happen in fantastic movies.

On the other hand, Ekrem Aylisli writes novel not like art work. He uses the “diary of Zakari” of Armenian merchant. This diary as if was written in XVII century by Armenian merchant. It was published and translated in Armenia in 1939. There are many subjective thoughts in that diary, also there are many mistakes done in translation and publishing process by Armenians as they used to. Ekrem wrote that book inspired and based of that diary. Armenians will use his book too. Presenting the problematic writer as “the writer who found power to tell the truth” the journal of “Drujba narodov” started the process.

Look, Armenians are these, they use everything. I would like Eylisli to read this article and make resolution. Yes, he says that he does not read any text besides his. But anyway it would be better if he read. I do not want to give advises, his age is not for this. But he can repent, the doors are opened and it is never late. In the history people who were not different from with their devotion to nation, comrades, friends choose perfidy way, people who could not build mosques wanted to stay in history by burning them. Ekrem Eylisli went by the way of Iuda, Herostat, Kecel Hemze. He is in history but in this way. Is this possible to forgive this man? I cannot forgive personally but would not like to kill him too. Let him live and die for ten times a day, let him live hell tortures in this world.




19.02.2013 13:22

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