“Fuzuli people are waiting for the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief ”

23.08.2014 | 12:33

ali aliyevFuzuli district, the part of Karabakh was occupied by the Armenian aggressors on August 23, 1993. Unfortunately, we live 21st anniversary of the occupation. In this regard, Head of Executive Authority of Fuzuli region Ali Aliyev gave an interview to “KarabakhINFO.com” international e-magazine.


– Mr. Ali, Fuzuli has already been under the occupation for 21 years. As Fuzuli person how does it affect you to be a captive of the region?

Primarily, the occupation of Fuzuli region is painful for people of Fuzuli. I have been involved in this process from the early years of the war. When a person loses belonging always looks for it. It is hard to tell people who lose their homeland how they are feeling. During the Karabakh war Fuzuli region had a great loss. The district has about 1000 martyrs, 8 national heroes. Not only me, whole Fuzuli convinced that the day will come and we will return to our land.


– How did Fuzuli surrender to the enemy?

Fuzuli has never surrendered. Fuzuli has such brave sons that they were protecting their homeland at the expense of their lives. From the first days of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh our district was regularly attacked by Armenians. Unfortunately, on August 23, 1993, the district was occupied completely.


– Although a part of Fuzuli was occupied, but some parts of the district were liberated from the occupation. What is the current situation there?
Renovation work is carried out in Fuzuli region. At the same time, there has been established comfortable living condition for internally displace people. At the beginning of 1994 the bloody war was waged for the liberation of the enemy and 600 km2 of 1382 km2 area – 21 villages and Horadiz settlement were liberated from the occupation. Since 1996 the territories which were liberated from occupation has been started restoration of infrastructure.
During this period, 16 settlements were established, education, health and cultural institutions, roads, bridges, electricity and irrigation system were built and restored for internally displaced people. City status was given to Goradiz settlement. Over the 4000 houses were repaired. Now large scale reconstruction and restoration work are carried out in the region. There was established the park named Heydar Aliyev in the 2 acres of land. Heydar Aliyev Center has been built in the area of the park, in front of the center the monument of whole-nation leader has been put and near it Azerbaijan State flag has been raised to a height of 65 meters.


-How strong is a spirit of fighting in Fuzuli people? Are they ready to take up arms now?

Fuzuli people always ready to fight. They are waiting for the order of the Supreme Commander-in-chief. I must add that, the ceasefire is violated constantly. Fuzuli people have accustomed the sounds of bullets. Azerbaijan has strong armed forces. We rely on our army. The incident happened at the beginning of August proves that our army can annihilate the enemy’s army at any time. If our Supreme Commander-in-chief gives the order of battle Azerbaijan army can liberate their homeland. Now Azerbaijan is more powerful than 1993 years.



Gunel Jalil

23.08.2014 12:33

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