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1390033346_20_yanvar_xiyaban24 years have passed since the events of 20 January that became a source of pride for Azerbaijani people. There are different opinions from time to time with regard to the causes of the accident, though some of them are opposite positions but even these views coincide too. This is a historic day demonstrated again that Azerbaijan people will never withdraw the desire for national freedom and independence even sacrificed their lives for the sake of this holy goal, so they are always ready to show it to the whole world.From 19 January 1990 to 20 artists who witnessed the incident which took place on that bloody day spoke”KarabakhİNFO.com” magazine how they recall it.


Flora Karimova :”We are blameful in front of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence.1390034400_0   People’s Artist of Azerbaijan andwell-known singer Flora Karimovasaid in an interview with us that on January 20, 1990, she will never forget what happened. She said that the Azerbaijanis demonstrated the heroism that day: “I think that we are blameful in front of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence. Theywent into the battle unarmed hand for the sake of our freedom. But we still haven’t revenged.


According to F.Karimova January 20 is bloody and glorious historyof Azerbaijan: “This is the pride of our nation’s history, a chronicle of honor. Top point of the sacred memory of the martyrs of January 20 …»


1390034416_nusaba-eles-miaNushaba Alasgarli: “I can never forget what happened that night       Honored artist, singer Nushaba Alasgarlisaid “KarabakhİNFO.com” e – magazine in her statement that she remembers well the day of January 20: “I can never forget what happened that night. The situation was tense in Baku from 18 January. Everyone was concerned and interested in what is happening. I sat at home, everyone was saying a word. Did not fully understand what is happening. Finally, on the night of January 19 to 20, there was a terrible scene. I remember the television and radio silent. Elmira Gafarova, then Speaker of Parliament spoke on the radio. While listening to the speech of Elmira Gafarova I and my elder sister were crying. ”


Aybaniz Hashimova: “Several bullets hit my balcony’s wall”


Honored Artist Aybaniz Hashimova from 19 to 20, 1990, incident that happened shared with us: “It was the year 1990.”I was preparing for a visit to Turkey with” Homeland society”. I came back from training today. I lived in my relative place called “Red Army “. I was disappointed when I saw thousands of people gathered on the road. When I asked the question «What is it, i heard they said that “everyone gathered here to make Russian tanks leavetown». Suddenly, I felt like as if someone stuck a dagger in my heart.Felt the tragedy will occur. I could not sit at home. Because of my concern I was walking on my balcony! Suddenly I heard a shout. It was a shout which i can never forget until the end of my life. Suddenly I sawtanks fired at houses or apartments. Several bullets hit my balcony’s wall .Happiness is that the result of a bullet could not wound me. Their goal was to kill everyone all that night, they killed.

1390034523_naibeNaiba Allahverdiyeva ” I have witnessed the event on January 20 ”     Honored Artist, famous actress Naiba Allahverdiyeva said” KarabakhİNFO.com” e – magazine, in her statement that she had witnessed the event on January 20: “This day I went to the guest to my friend who lives in the area called 3 micro-districts. I learned that when asked why people gathered in the streets to protest the Russian army. I joined them too. I remember well, the weather was dark. I stood next to the telephone booth and could not fully understand what is happening around me. I saw that tank fired telephone booth, and a young man came into my phone booth and pushed me down when tank fired. When I felt myself about 20-25 minutes after I stood up, and I saw that the boy’s lifeless body in the blood he saved my life. This event I will never forget. ”





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