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1347715705_garibogluZaur Qariboghlu

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There are lots of different attitudes toward calculation amount of pecuniary and moral damage of Karabagh losses in the media. Lots of intellectuals, officals and deputies put forward their opinions in this direction.

Of course we can’t compare the extent of damage that done by Armenians with anything. As an Azerbaijani this problem is in my spotlight too. For that reason I want to express my opinion about this problem as an author.
For me, it is a bit late for the calculation process of Garabagh losses but highlighting of this issue should be appreciate as estimable.
I think every single moment shold be calculate precisely by using the international chamber of accounts’ practises as an example. All these truthes should be made clear by using all kind of resources.
It is also interesting for me that what should be calculate and what shouldn’t.

For me if along with all interested parties civil society would also be involved to this calculation process, it would be more easy to calculate all movable or real estate. For example, according to calculation made by Free Speech Foundation in the framework of project, the toris potential of Shusha and Aghdam regions has suffered losses in the amount of about 2 billion manat put together. Remember we are speaking just about tourism potential. If we add there plantations, buildings and houses and their development temp, then we can imagine the situation partially.

But one should take into account no figure is available to estimate the amount of spritual damage. It is apparent that, it is hard to estimate the amount of spritual damage. So how can we calcuate both pecuniary and spritual damage?

In this issue we should list the number of families that destroyed by the Armenian armed forces by the help of using our own national thinking, researching archives and looking at the list of families that live in Karabakh during 1988-1992. Besides, we should take into consideration that there would be born three boys from each martyr boy and girl. It has own effect on modern world demography and curent number of population.

There is a saying: “One intellectual man is equal to ten ordinary people”. During the Karabagh war lots of our intellectul men passed away because of this sorrow. Whatever how much pecuniary damages we have, it’s impossible to calculate the numbers of deathes during Karabagh war. But no figure can calculate the value of our sons and daughters and intellectual people who died in that period. How can we estimate the value of famous intellectual people like Khudu Mammadov, Khalil Rza Uluturk, Salatin Asgarova, Chingiz Mustafayev, Farman Karimzadah, Ali Mustafayev and others. Are we able to calculate their value- the benefit which they can give to our country if they were alive?!

In general, these estimates shouldn’t cover only the eve of the Karabagh war but also the present days which we live in a background of the tragic consequences of war. As soon as Karabagh is under the occupation, the percent of damaege to Azerbaijan will rise more. The settlement of one million internally displaced people and providing them with housing damaged a lot to governement budget.

That is why we should approach to this calculation comprehensively. We shouldn’t forget that, human losses are more bitter than pecuniary ones. It would be great if during calculations a list of heroes , martyrs for Karabagh war and families which being left without control is complied and added as uncountable cost to the list of total losses and then to be presented to the world community.
As I mentioned above all of these processes should be based on international experience and must be carried out objectively and on the basis of certain standards in order not to let Armenia (who calls everything fake) to propagate about the incorrectness of this calculation in the future.

There is another benefit for beginning of the exact and impartial estimation. Today Azerbaijan along with declaring the occupation of its lands by Armenians should also show to the world the moral and material damages which the country suffered from the war. By this step, it will be reaffirm the Armenians’ occupational and at the same terrorist and predatory policy.




05.09.2012 11:35

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