It’s vital for Khojali massacre to be known in the world

22.02.2014 | 15:52

1393069896_dasqin-sikarovDashgin Shikarov

The ambassador of the Azerbaijan Republic in Pakistan Islamic Republic

Almost all Moslem countries support Azerbaijan’s right in connection with Karabakh. Even some of them haven’t established diplomatic relations with Armenia for their invasion of the Azerbaijan area. The organization of Islamic Cooperation of which Moslem countries are members, have claimed their opinions clearly about the invasion of Azerbaijan land and their support of Azerbaijan territory integrity.


Khojai massacre must be known by all world countries. But the most important point is that it should be known by the countries which have friendly relations with Azerbaijan. Under the initiative of the vice-president of Heydar Aliyev foundation, the head connector the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for intercultural dialogue, Leyla Khanum Alieva, wide –range event are held in different countries in the world in the frame of the international campaign titled “Justice for Khojali”. Some countries and international organization have already recognized Khojali massacre officially and have accepted suitable resolution. I’m sure that in the nearest future other countries will definitely hear the right voice of Azerbaijan and accept Khojali massacre officially.




22.02.2014 15:52

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