Mirza Jalil “The sermon of the priest and Akhund”

31.01.2015 | 16:07

Mirza Jalil wrote: “There is a village in the province of Yerevan, the name of it is ” Samanlig “. The half of villagers is Armenian and half of them are Muslims.

One day I was visiting on a horse the landlord of that village Mr. Rahim. It was summer. Sitting on a high horse I could see all yards through low wall of village. At one of the yard of the village an Armenian woman was sowing grain to hens and chickens. In other yard a Muslim woman was washing dishes on the edge of the aryk. At one of the yard an Armenian child, sitting in the shade of a tree, was reading a book. At one of the yard a 12-13-year old Muslim boy tied rope tail of cat and ran from one side to another side of the yard and the cat, mewling, was moving backward after the child.


At one of the yard some Armenians sitting in the shade of the mulberry tree ate the meal. The priest standing up raised his right hand and spoke. I wanted to pass them but I heard a word from that priest and I stopped my horse. The priest said in a loud voice: “ Hayrenig, hayrenig, hayrenig!” ( Hayrenig means “homeland” in the Armenian languages).

Because I understand the Armenian language, I stood for a while to listen to the words of a priest. At that time I heard a speech of a Muslim from another side of the street.

I galloped my horse ahead and saw four Muslims had sat in the fork of the street in the shadow the wall. One of them was Akhund Mullah Gurbangulu Mullah Gurban Aliyev. I knew this Akhund for a long time and he is from Iran. Mullah Gurbangulu had a book in his hand. Mullah was reading a book and villagers listened him with full attention.
The priest was saying these words to the villagers with a loud voice: “Armenian nation has three beloved things in the world “homeland “,” nation “and” language “and if we are able to scarify ourselves , neither Ottoman hamidiyya soldiers and Kurds nor Russian Galitsins and others will not be able damage immortality of Armenian nation”.
After Gurbangulu’s these words priest started to talk. Mullah was reading these words from the book: “Babi-haftum: If a person sleep and dream hejemet ( a tool using for bleed), that person will not lead to a disaster and sickness in the world.”

The priest said these words: “My Armenian brothers! From the creation of the world the Armenian overtook oppression of so many different nationalities, they suffered under the rule of powerful and nasty tribes as ants trampled down under horseshoe. However, in the case the Armenian said like this when he died: “Homeland, homeland, nation, hayreniq”. My brothers, as long as we capable to scarify ourselves for sake of nation, homeland and language, we will be able to defend our homeland and language if all tribes become ally and attack us. Long live Armenian nation scarifying for sake of homeland! Long live brothers who were killed for sake of nation!



Mullah Gurbangulu said villagers: “Vomiting under the tree and edge of water is not good because witches, devil can harm that person. It is prohibited to go a cemetery on Tuesday, Saturday because on those days witches and ogres gather to the cemetery and bath-house and feast. Those days are celebration for them and if they see a person there they can harm him. If it happens to someone let immediately come to me and I write him “ Haft hasar” prayer”.









31.01.2015 16:07

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