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03.05.2014 | 05:55

1399094809_1398937601_indoneziya-azerbaycanAs a result of Nagorno Karabakh’s invasion by Armenians 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory have been occupied and over one million Azeris are living a life of refugees. At present negotiations are being carried out in the direction of its solution with the mediation of OSCE’s Minsk group. President Ilham Aliyev always expresses his hope for the mediators’ active role in the solution of Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh problem, having a constructive position: “If Armenia demonstrates a constructive position in the solution of the problem, it will be possible to get consent.”

The president has emphasized that he’ll never permit the second Armenian state to be established in our historical land: “We remain devoted to peace talks by compromising. We should create new conditions as well as using these opportunities.” In this case it is preferred to provide state sovereignty, the protection of the territorial integrity and the nation’s having the right of fixing their future and other principles of this kind. It should be mentioned that in 4 conclusions accepted in 1993 by the UNO Security Council connected to Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan to aggressive policy is scolded, (822, 853, 874, 884) the Armenian military units’ immediately leaving the occupied Azerbaijan lands is demanded unambiguously. At the same time the conclusions made by OSCE, European Parliament, European Council, Islamic Conference Organization and NATO demand driving out the Armenians troops from the occupied territories. However these conclusions haven’t been realized yet.

Azerbaijan has an important role in doubling the security affairs in the region in general. The position of our state is unambiguous in the solution of Nagorno Karabakh problem. Azerbaijan intend to restore its territorial integrity and to solve this problem as soon as possible. In the solution of the conflict the international community as well as separate states’ persuading Armenia can play a vital part.

The state of Indonesia supports Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in Nagorno Karabakh problem. This position is based on the values accepted by Indonesian people and government. The participation in realizing peace all over the world which is based on freedom, peace and social justice, scolding and being against all aggression and invasion activities is reflected in the 1st and 4th paragraphs of 1945 year Indonesian Republic Constitution. The chairman of the Indonesian Parliament Representatives’ House Markuzi Ali has stressed the one-sided position of the Indonesian government in Nagorno Karabakh conflict, in his meeting with Tamerlan Garayev, the Azerbaijan Ambassador in Indonesia. Markuzi Ali has started his support in the solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict in a peaceful way, on the base of the 4 conclusions made by the UNO.

We must remember that the conclusion accepted in Parliament Community Conference by the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held in January 2012 in Palembang city of Indonesia, is of great importance for the territorial integrity of our country. Thus, in the conclusion No 15-PE/7-CONF about the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, the Parliament Community of Islamic Cooperation Organization member states praise not only Armenia’s following the conclusions accepted by the UNO immediately, but also all the diplomatic efforts made for ending the problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Parliament Community of Islamic Cooperation Organization have also made an appeal for the fair and decent solution of Khojali massacre committed 21 years before.

The principled position demonstrated by Indonesia in Nagorno Karabakh conflict should be an example for the other Moslem countries. It’s known from history that Indonesia has always solved its internal and foreign problems in a peaceful way. Therefore it is a model for the solution of the conflicts in other countries, too.

Fuad Huseynzadeh


03.05.2014 05:55

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