Mughan Panahov: Armenians had set a trap to us

17.09.2012 | 17:42
1347885776_images-1Mughan Panahov: Armenians had set a trap to us. From the archive of the author. … We met with the writing in the forest. There had been written: “turn to the right”. We were glad and thought that the people who save before us wrote it for help the persons who will come later. But fire when we moved forward in the direction showed us that we were mistaken. Mughan Panahov lived 9 years in Khojaly with his family. He says that it was fired to the Khojaly from four sides before. At this time he was thinking about the fate of his children more. Because his daughters feared very much from the rocket fire sounds.


— How the attack began to Khojaly ?
— That night it was about 9. We saw that the Khojaly has surrounded by the 366th motoshot regiment with defense technology. Firstly, they shoot one rocket. Then, Khojaly has been bombing from each side. There was no opportunity to go out. Finnish houses began to burn above from Khojaly. They were attack us either, before but it was slowing down then. My daughters, Matanat and Latafat were 4 and 6 years old. When Armenians throw the Alazan rocket to Khojaly they were afraid, so that I had sent them to Lachin to my father`s house two months before in helicopter. But last attack was not the same fires. I saw that many techniques were gathered from the side of Hasanabad. People has taken his head and began to run towards the forest. We were separated from one another.
— What happened in the forest?
— People move forward like a group in the forest. Armenians were firing people in the forest, too. Our group met with the writing in the forward then walking a bit. There had been written “Turn to the right” in the Azerbaijani. We were glad and thought that the people who save before us wrote it for help the persons who will come later. We lose the way in the forest, we did not knowing the way because everywhere was snow. When we began to go on that same way we met the rocky place, when we had gone out from the forest they fired us from the forthcoming upper hill, we had fallen into a trap, armenians had put those information in the forest intentional. We were throwing ourselves immediately to the place and lay. The bullet touched from forehead the man whose name was Abdullah, he lost his life there. Evening, we gathered in the back of the farm near the hill. We waited the night that continue to our way comfortable. I imitated that places to the Gulably village of the Aghdam where we were then. “Hey people, it seems here is Gulably, we rescue” – most of the people did not believe it when I said it. But we were really in Gulably. People who were in our group had reached the Gulably village of the Aghdam with the forest during two days.
— You reached here with whom?
— My brother, my father in low and my mother`s uncle were with me, we had not strength, in addition I got the splinter wound in the forest. I will not be able to forget that day. My near relative whose name was Markaz walked hardly, he could not anyway, he was afraid of passing to the hand of armenians and begged his brother: “Kill me, i have no strengh to go” – he said. His brother did not dare to kill him. They saved hardly, too. When I ran in the forest I met a few dead body of Akıskha (Makhsaty) turks, too. I still cannot forget their face.
Afsana Bayramgizi


17.09.2012 17:42

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