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Philosophy Dr. of the political sciences

Nationalism is an ideological action for proof of an existence and autonomy of one nation. Each of these conceptions directed to gain of freedom of personality and continuation of this has been formed from new, philosophical, historical and anthropological expressions which were formed in XVII and XVIII centuries in Europe. For example, the conception of “personality” means the same “identification”. It means people in the same group are wearing the same way, speak in the same language, walk same, guard the same traditions; in this case they show differentness which they do not own. This likeness- also the appearance of differentness is one of the meaning which national “personality” means. Here it is not important that people came from one ethnic root. For example, once it was not important in Mongolia to be Mongol or not, the important thing was to adopt Mongolian law and live like Mongols. Also Ottoman state did not demonstrate nations in its territory differentness. That is why they could stay for such a long time. People living inside that nation never felt themselves as stranger. This was the main principals of life and activity of many countries. This principal cannot be considered for Armenians, as they never had state and there never were nations like them ethnically inside. In this case the insufficient sides of nationalism show themselves. While looking to the nation from “modernist” point, the nationalism formed national personality. There is no any harmful thing in this. First of all Armenian nationalism never was modernist, second, as it does not mean anything, its nationalism choose the way of looking to other nations from “above to law”. This egoist point did not let Armenian nationalism be on healthy thoughts. There are many thoughts about nationalism. The most interesting of them belongs to Ernest Gellner. He says: nationalism does not mean that nations were awakening in the meaning of their own personality. Nationalism can create nations in an empty place”.

As the society called Armenian has no relation with Armenia in the past, today they could make the world believe in that Armenia was just their generation. To tell the truth, nationalism is a form of thoughts of individuals who are owners of the same biological characteristics, same culture, who are coming from the same source and organize the society, loves the society which he/she belongs to with holy thoughts, tries to guard and propaganda the society belongs. Neither language nor culture of Armenians is the same with that state. But the propaganda of Panarmenizm did what wanted for long years. “Hay” turned into “Armenian” and they began to claim to the historical realities which they do not deserve. So the layer parnarmenist history was formed. It happened as there is no pretension to old Armenia. As there is no pretension, then there should be owners. Today the “old” states have no owners. As Armenian panarmenists know this, they owned the historical identity of this state and other neighborhood states. Albania also has no owner. I mean Caucasus Albania. Look, everything that nation has- material-cultural monuments, churches, books, written and oral literature is owned by Armenians. Today, for example, you cannot prove to European that, Qansazar which is situated in Mountainous Karabakh does not belong to Armenians, it is Albanian monument.

As it is in all nationalism thoughts, in panarmenizm social belonging comes first. In this case the love to the society they belong and to try for the development of society shows itself. Any enemy relationship to other societies is not acceptable. As it is different in Armenians we will try to open some characteristics of them. To open antihuman character of Armenian nationalism first we should pay attention to how nationalism is accepted in Armenian society.

In Armenian language nation means- ազգ (azq). As if this is the expression which belongs only them. Other nations cannot be ազգ (azq). As Armenian understands this expression differently it means they have nationalism illness. You can look at nationalism as an ideology, political doctrine, as the way of fight for existence and so on. In West nationalism first was the way to rich political aims and as a conception which is related to individual freedom. French established the modern nationalism in Europe. This was established as political and ideological project. The classic mode of nationalism was established in England. It was not look different from politics and ideology. Were these models, I mean, “Western model” saved? German people directed it since XVIII century. The nationalism established in France was social and political project, and it showed itself in other countries and nations. While French national ideology was substituted with German mythology it began to show unnatural characters in it. The “Eastern model” of nationalism showed itself in a different way. We can see this difference openly if we’ll try to analyze the “nationalism projects” in Armenian nationalism examples. The model which is easily based on Adam Smith can be related to Armenian nationalism. Here there is a relation with general ancestor Hayk, here you can see the regret to Armenian “golden century” (as if there will be rising after the 1.5 thousand year slope”, there is a sorrow for the lost of motherlands. This nationalism myth made base for a group of intellectuals at the end of XIX century and beginning of XX century. There were writers, publicists, religion men and so on among them. They had press organs which spread that idea. “Mshak newspaper, “Hnchak”, “Droshaq” journals. Russian citizens with Armenian roots also entered inside them and as Russian nationalists they also were going to the inside of nation to villages. It was not hard to spread Armenian nationalism, for this forces armed with mxitaritsts influence were on foot. Historical “Heroism myths” also helped. Leo who presented Armenian history in an exaggerated form; the author of novels which was about the struggle of nation against enemies, especially against Muslims (Turks) Raffi and so on. Armenian separatism was in the center of all of this. There were also claims of lands of others. There are people who claim that it is logical to look for the roots of Armenian nationalism in Armenian holiday named Vardavar. Such ideologists want to strengthen national identity returning to the former Armenia. But the probability of this is difficult. Armenia which is called old and past is an imaginary thing. This is a pretension which has no any scientific base and it would be unnatural touch to inside it to any ideological thought system. Armenians who claim that adopted Christianity in 301 year, demolished all temples and could not form the new ones. They could not create any religious, nationalist ideology in order to make themselves far from the people especially from Muslims. In other words, Christianity did not give Armenians different appearance as a nation. Their national ideology also was related to Christianity. Now when some thousand Armenian join in Qarni temple, situated in 32nd kilometer from Irevan and celebrate Vardavar, they want to tell that the real Armenians are they and their religioun is not Christianity but this religion. It is strange that, they entered this holiday to Christian calendar. There is strange illogicality here. But those people also formed a book. “Don’t we, Armenians know what our real religion is? To burn candle in the church and to hang cross does not mean to be Christian.” All Armenians are not frank in this religion. One of the people who was active in Vardavar holiday, Armenian, the leader of the ultranationalist organization named “Ari” Armen Avetisyan was arrested as he called Armenians to refuse from Christianity in 2005 year for three years. He also called people to annihilate Jewish people. Avetisyan and his comrades wear black shirts with the portrait of Armenian racist, ideologist Garesin Njdeni. Want to note that, Garegin Njde lived during 1886-1955 years and he was Armenian chauvinist ideologist. He fought against Turks even Bolsheviks and was author of books about the basics of Armenian nationalism. Due to the ideas of this person the platform of Armenian Revolutionary Federatio, Dashnaksutyun, also Armenian Republican Party was formed. Besides the “Ari” organization of Armenians, some leaders of political organizations stayed above also participated in Armenian national holiday named Vardavar. To base the roots of Armenian nationalism before Christianity also has political aims. The main thing in the center of Armenian ideology is that Armenians do not know the reality about themselves. Armenian mixes their historical past intentionally and confused scientists in the world. We can meet Arminiya or Armaniya as geographical name in Bisutun monument dated to 510 B.C. belong to I Dara the imperator of old Persia.

In masterpiece of Ksenefon who was in the region in 399 year B.C. and described there, the country is called as Armenia. In “Geography” of Strabon (1st century B.C.) and in administrative region of Rome Empire the boundaries of Armenia is described like this: In the West Firat river, in the south South-Eastern Toros Mountains, Hakkari mountains in southern-east and Urmiye lake, Goyce river and Karabakh in Northern-East, Cildir lake in North and Black sea Mountains in East. The name of the same region is Armaniyya or Ermeniyye (Ar: أرمنية) in Middle Ages Arabian sources. In old Turkish sources we meet the name of Ermeniyye until 15th century. The name of “Armenia” which was remembered as an only historian name gained repeated actual meaning during the nationalism politics period of 19th century. Armenians call themselves Hay and call their country Hayastan or Hayk. The name of Armina or Arminiya which foreign nations name Armenian country was first used in Bisutun monument in Persian language dated to 510th year B.C. And this does not mean Hayastan( Հայաստան)  as today. The Arminiya province of Old Persian Empire encircled the High Ferat basin included Elazig and Erzincan regions in West and with Araz and Arpacay valleys and Agri Dag region with the center Van Lake basin. The same region is called as Armenia in Greek and Latin sources during the old period, as Armaniyya in Arabian sources during the Islam period. In earlier Azerbaijan texts we meet Ermeniyye as a name of geographical region until the beginning of 15th century. There was Urartu Kingdom in the region in the 1st thousand year B.C. As Urartu civilization was weakened and collapsed since 7th century B.C. different beyliks and Armenian (hay) society which did not have any relationship with each other besides Urartu language began to be formed. Was the Armenian element in the region as an element under the Urartu suveregnity or society which came to the region with invaders from aside in the period when Urartu weakened, always was an important discussion topic among historians. Also Armenian historians have no any unit thoughts about this. Urartu is a culture which is not Indian-European. It had an important influence on Armenian culture and organized reach sources for them. In this case, this is irrefutable fakt that “Armenian, Armenien” words which is used by other societies and nations has relationship with the name of “Arminia” which Persian called Urartu region. Armenian ideologists do not accept this. Because the culture which they owned and does not belong to them can be opened. I mean the “hay” which Armenians call themselves has no any relationship with the name of “Hayk”: which Frig tribes called them. A nation first of all should call itself. A nation should not call itself by the name which others gave. It means, the hay name of the society called Armenian is wrong. Iranian and Eastern Armenians who came to Armenia then call themselves as “frang”. In our language this is “frig”. Now we can result that the society which is called Armenians:

– The claim of them to “Armenian, Armenian” names is nonsense.

– Historical Armaniyya or Ermeniyye does not mean the country of Armenian nation

– They are not related to Urartu

– They are not related to Hayk

But how the modern hay-Armenian language was formed? As we know the formulation of language is the same process with the formulation of nation. Academic N.Y.Marr notes: Armenian language is hybrid, inoculation language as Armenian nation”. Armenian scientist, academic M.Abeqyan also approves that thought: “Armenian language is hybrid language. Also Armenian tribe is also hybrid. They were assimilated to Urartu and other neighbors”.

M.Abeqyan, who shows that to add modern hay-Armenian language to Iranian languages is wrong, writes: “It is pretext that about 800 roots of Hay language has Iranian basic”. So, hay language is not Iranian languages and cannot be. Because hays are sami based. The basic of hays is an important key to open the source of hay language. It is clear that Hays has no genetically relationship with the old nation of Armenia Urartu. Due to the theory of establishment Hays, they are presented as “builder nation”. It is reality that the basic of hays has close relationship with buildings. During the fights between Asssuria and Urartu many slaves were taken as trophy and they were used especially in hard building works. As Armenians are known mostly as bricklayers is because of this. In VIII century B.C. Urartu leader had 14 military march against Assuria and about 91 thousand men, 52500 women and 74 thousand children were captive. These slaves were used in home works and as workers in building process. The slaves who were taken as a trophy from Assura were not mostly Assurians, there were military captives and people from different professions. Hays also were made to work in hard katorga works in Assuria. Assurians themselves brought their slaves to the territory and used to get hard building materials in quarries when they won Urartu. As a result Assurian slaves habited in mountainous regions and increased. Assurians took the population of Urartu to another place. Urartu and Assuria helped hays to habit in mountainous regions. I.M.Dyokonov writes: “Urartus helped by moving the population from mountainous regions to spread protoarmenian language”. Azerbaijan researcher Beytulla Shahsoylu (Haykans (Armenian) in Caucasus and Panarmenizm) noted in materials of 8th scientific conference named “Karabakh, yesterday, today and tomorrow” that, Armenians got the way of mastering the culture of neighbors by falsifying their history. All of this should be considered as results of Armenian nationalism. So, the ideological factors in turning point of Armenian nationalism to total nationalism play an important role. As a system of education and beliefs Panarmenism is loaded with ideology and got the way of falsifying itself in order to approve it. The inclination of this ideology to form Armenian nation in the soul of state notion, makes it closer to racism. And it encircles all hays, all nations which do not depend on the living place and has total character gradually… (To be continued)


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