Release us from captivity (continuation-14)

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  1364897853_mehbus-kolgesi-270712Dear readers, we are going on presenting you Esmira Orjova’s book named “Release us from captivity” part by part.

The kept of captive Azerbaijan citizens in invaded Azerbaijan territories and in Armenia as a result of annexationist politics of Armenians, the witness stories which affirm that captives were exposed to torture and 

agonies, also the facts collected due to the documents composed by international organization and representatives of opposite side are presented in the book to readers.

Babayev Maharram Ashraf oglu

Babayev Maharram Ashraf oglu was born in Imambinasi village of Kelbajar district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1955. On the 16th of February, 1993 Maharram grazed the cattle of collective farm and with Asa-dov Hamammed Madat oglu they were taken hostages by Armenians in direction of Hasanriz (Aterk) village. On the 27th of February he wrote a letter to his fam­ily and informed that if they found 4 members of the Sevyans family who were taken hosta­ges in Khankandi, they would change him soon.

According to the words of Jafarov Hasay Agamali oglu who returned from Armenian captivity, when they were kept in Khankandi Armenians forced them for heavy labour. The next time when he went to work an Armenian stopped and said that he was from Kelbajar and if he knew Maharram and Khammamad. That man said that he wanted to change those men for 4 missed men from the Seyvans family.

The son of Asadov Hamammad – Asadov Asad who lived in Garadaghli village of Goranboy district wrote a letter to his father and aunt’s husband and asked to change him for the Seyvans family. But the Seyvans were’t found and the further life of Babayev Maharram and his relatives were unknown.

Babayev Nureddin Seyidabbas oglu

Babayev Nureddin Seyi­dabbas oglu was born in Baku in 1962. In 1993 Nureddin vol­untarily with his brother Nas-raddin joined the army. On the 13th of January, 1994 he took part in fights for Yukhari Seyid-ahmedli village of Fuzuli dis­trict allotted to «Yasamal» battalion. Baba­yev Nureddin was surrounded and taken prisoner.

According to the information of his broth­er Babayev Nasreddin Seyidabbas oglu (he lives in Baku, 20th of January Street 39, app. 138); they voluntarily took part in fights for Fuzuli. On the 13th of January, 1994 he got the order to return and didn’t find brother there. It was also informed that Nasreddin with Telman who lived in Baku of Bulbule vil­lage was taken prisoner.

On the 17th of March, 1994 a woman rang them up from Ganja and told that there was a program by Armenian radio and she heard Nureddin’s interview, he was taken prisoner in Seyidahmedli village of Fuzuli district with 2 Azerbaijani prisoners.

Babayev Safar Alifattah oglu

Babayev Safar Alifattah oglu was born in Baku in 1973. On the 7th of December, 1991 Safar was mobilized from So­viet Army and sent to Aghdam district to defend the lands. He fought in detachment of Yagub Rzayev (Gatir Mammad). On the 1st of January, 1992 during one of the fight for Aghdam district Babayev Safar was taken prisoner.

According to the information of his father Babayev Alifattah Aliheydar oglu (he lives in Baku, Zira settlement, Agamalioglu Street, 11), he got 2 letters written by him on the 11th of January, 1992 and on the 13th of February he got 2 letters written by Safar from Mehri district of Armenia. Safar wrote that he was in captivity with his close relative llgar Azayev (he lives in Baku, Bina settle­ment) and Armenians demanded M.Gevork-yan and L.Avanesyan missed at Gorus-Ga-fan way to change with them. He wrote his father that he was kept in missed Armenians’ houses and asked to find those men. If he couldn’t find them Armenians would kill him.

In February of 1992 Babyev Alifattah went to Mehri district and met the head of police department. The head confirmed the fact that Safar and llgar really were taken prisoners and could change them for the Release us from captivity

missed Armenians. Babayev found Arme­nian prisoners twice. Those prisoners were changed for another men and that’s why he couldn’t return his son. In 1995 he got infor­mation from Georgia that Safar and llgar were alive. Armenian side demanded 5 mil­lion of Russian rubles for their release. Then Armenians change the place and the trace was lost.

According to a statement of prisoner of war Azayev llgar Agasalim oglu’s mother Azayeva Hirdakhanim Musakhan gizi (she lives in Baku, Bina settlement, Bunyadzade Street, 3), her son wrote the same letter as Safar’s one and sent home in 1992.

That fact was confirmed by ICRC during report trip to Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Bagirov Elshan Hasan oglu

Bagirov Elshan Hasan oglu was born in Khojali town of Azerbaijan Republic in 1963. On the 26th of February, 1992 during the day of Khojali’s occupation by Armenians, pa­nic-stricken people ran to the forest. 50 men were surround­ed in direction of Dahraz village and inhabi­tants were taken prisoners and sent to a pig farm in the same village. The next morning Armenians separated 13 young and tall men including Bagirov Elshan and took them to unknown direction.

That information was confirmed by Khudayarov Vefadar Salim oglu (now he lives Baku, Ataturk avenue, 2A, ap. 57), Khudaya­rov Rovshan Adil oglu (at present he lives in Baku, Khatai avenue, 40), Huseynov Kamil Dadash oglu (he lives in “Guneshli” sanatori­um in Baku, Mardakan settlement), AgayevRelease us from captivity

Sattar Mukhtar oglu, Khudayar Abil Adil oglu and others who lived in Khojali.

His brother Bagirov Rza Hasan oglu wrote a statement that when he searched for his son, he found out that he was kept in Khankandi and Yerevan.

Huseynov Akif Saleh oglu who lived in Asrik-Jirdakhan village of Tovuz district rep­resented a list of Azerbaijani prisoners of war and hostages and there was the name of Bagirov Elshan in the list. It was shown he was kept in Spitak of Armenia.

Bagirov Nasir Huseyngulu oglu

Bagirov Nasir Huseyngulu oglu was born in Shusha town of Azerbaijan Republic in 1958. He was one of the orga­nizers of Shusha’s defense. On the 8th of May, 1992 during the day of Shusha’s occupa­tion he was on point duty at the constructive department of collective farm. After occupation nobody has seen Nasir.

According to the words of his brother Bagirov Elman Huseyngulu oglu who lived in Shush town (at present he Jives in Baku, Azadlig avenue 162/11, app. 11), when he searched for Nasir his villagers: Asad, Nigar, Rasim and policemen from Gakh district: Polad, Ibrahimkhalil and Rajab saw him on point duty on the 8th of May, 1992. Accor­ding to the words of Elman, Teymur of 16 years old who ran away from Armenian cap­tivity informed by TV that he was kept with Nasir in 1993. Nasir said him that his brother was also kept in captivity.

When Huseynov Akif Saleh oglu who lived in Asrik-Jirdakhan village of Tovuz dis­trict searched for his sister Huseynova Tamara Saleh gizi, Armenian Gagik (63-60-70) gave him a list of Azerbaijani prisoners of war and hostages in Tbilisi. There was the name of Bagirov Nasir in that list. It was shown that he was kept with his brother Bagirov Ruslan in Police Department of Khankandi.


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