Release us from captivity (continuation-6)

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1358927555_zindanDear readers, we are going on presenting you Esmira Orjova’s book named “Release us from captivity” part by part.

The kept of captive Azerbaijan citizens in invaded Azerbaijan territories and in Armenia as a result of annexationist politics of Armenians, the witness stories which affirm that captives were exposed to torture and 

agonies, also the facts collected due to the documents composed by international organization and representatives of opposite side are presented in the book to readers.



Release us from captivity (continuation-6)Abdullayev Rovshan Sabir oglu

Abdullayev Rovshan Sabir oglu was born in Aghdam town of Azerbaijan Republic in 1964. On the 24th of July, 1993 during occupation of Aghdam by armenians he was taken prisoner.

According to the informa­tion of Aliyev Khagani Valiyaddin oglu who lived in Sarijali village of Aghdam district and released from Armenian captivity (now he lives in Baku, Ahmedli settlement, Ganja Avenue 15, app.803), a man whose name was Nureddin told him he was taken prisoner with Sabir’s son Rovshan.

The relative of Mammadov Jahangir Abdulali oglu (he lives in Baku, Tusi Street 43, app11) Rahimov llgar’s familiar saw Abdullayev Rovshan going by car «GAZ-24» to Aghdam and did not return in July, 1993 any more.

The uncle of prisoner Rahimov llgar (he lives in Baku, Mehmandarov Street 100, app.42) Mammadov Shamsi Hasan oglu said that during occupation of Aghdam by Armenians, his sister’s son with Abdullayev Rovshan went there by car. A woman from Aghdam who returned from Armenian captivity said a blue car «GAZ-24» went to Agjabedi-Aghdam and a wounded man whose name was Nureddin said that he had brought Rovshan Sabir oglu there.

According to the information of Azerbaijan National Committee of Helsenki Civil Assembly, it was confirmed that Abdullayev Rovshan Sabir oglu was taken prisoner by armenians.




Release us from captivity (continuation-6)Abdulov Samir Gadir oglu

Abdulov Samir Gadir oglu was born in Baku in 1974. On the 12th of January, 1993 he was called up for military ser­vice by the Military Registra­tion and Enlistment Office of Yasamal district and then he was sent to Aghdara district. On the 20th of January, 1993 during the fight for Drambon village of Aghdara district Samir was taken prisoner by Armenians. Then he was kept in Leninakan district of Armenia.

That information was given by Samir’s parents: mother Abdulova Dilbar Hidayet gizi and father Abdulov Gadir Abdul oglu who lived in H.Sultanov Street, 21. According to the words of his mother, Samir was kept in Kirovokan district of Armenia.








Release us from captivity (continuation-6)Abdurahmanov Yasin Shakir oglu

Abdurahmanov Yasin Sha­kir oglu was born in Garajan-Shikhlar village of Agdash dis­trict of Azerbaijan Republic in 1972. On the 16th of Novem­ber, 1991 he was called up for military service by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Aghdash district and was sent to police battalion in Ganja. Yasin was sent to fight for Aterk village of Agdara district allot­ted to the same battalion. On the 19th of July, 1992 during the fight in Aterk village he was taken prisoner by Armenians.

According to the words of his father Abdurahmanov Shakir Goja oglu who lived in Garajan-Shikhlar village of Agdash district, while searching for Yasin he found out that together with 41 military men, they were sur­rounded by Armenians. In July of 1992 one of those 41 men Arzu who lived in Kor Tehneli village of Shamkir district called his father’s sister in Ganja and said that he with 30 military men was kept in captivity. Armenians demanded 30 millions of Russian rubles to release them and Yasin was with him in captivity.

According to his father’s words, Gurban was engaged in change of prisoners and hostages and lived in Sadakhli village of Marneuli district of Georgian Republic bought Arzu for money and he was married with his daughter. In 1996 Gurban showed him a list of Azerbaijan; prisoners kept by Armenians. There was the name of his son in that list. He promised to change Yasin for a prisoner whose name was Seyran or for money. But the change didn’t realize for that reason. Then he couldn’t get any information concerning the further life of his son.





Release us from captivity (continuation-6)Abishov Mobil Movsum oglu

Abishov Mobil Movsum oglu was born in’1968. On the 26th of February, 1992 during occupation of Khojali town of by Armenian armed forces Mobil was taken hostage. According to the words of his villagers Abishov llgar Niyaz oglu and Abishov Intizam Niyaz oglu, (they live in sanatorium «Garabagh» in Naftalan town), during occupation of Khojali town Armenians took them to Police Department of Asgaran district. When they put prisoners to tortures, Abishov Mobil Movsum oglu was with them. Then they were released and didn’t see Movsum any more.

According to the information of Azizov Ramin Ibrahim oglu who lived in Khojali (now he lives in Naftalan town), during occupation of Khojali town by Armenians 13 inhabitants were caught together in Nakhchivanik village and sent to Asgaran Police Department. They have been kept with Abishov Mobil Movsum oglu in the same cell for a day there. The next morning he was moved into another cell and didn’t see Mobil any more.

Mammadova Gulovsha Bakhtiyar gizi who lived in Khojali town (now she lives in «Sulh» pioneer camp in Baku, Mardakan settlement) wrote a statement that Armenia­ns took them as hostages. When they were kept in the cellar of Asgeran Police Depart­ment, Abishov Mobil was with them. After 2 days she with her son was released and did­n’t see Mobil any more.



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