Release us from captivity (continuation-7)

29.01.2013 | 11:39

1359444841_behind-bars-300x219Dear readers, we are going on presenting you Esmira Orjova’s book named “Release us from captivity” part by part.

The kept of captive Azerbaijan citizens in invaded Azerbaijan territories and in Armenia as a result of annexationist politics of Armenians, the witness stories which affirm that captives were exposed to torture and 

agonies, also the facts collected due to the documents composed by international organization and representatives of opposite side are presented in the book to readers.

Release us from captivity (continuation-7)Abishov Yusif Rafig oglu

Abishov Yusif Rafig oglu was born in Yalavaj village of Imishli district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1974. On the 5th of January, 1994, he was called up for military service by the Military Registration and Enlis­tment Office of Imishli district. On the 1st of January, 1994 during the fight for Shukurbeyli village of Fuzuli district Yusif was taken prisoner by Armenians.

According to a statement of Aslanov Azer Salman oglu who returned from Armenian captivity, Abishov Yusif was kept with him in Shusha prison in 1994. Then Armenians changed Azer’s place and that’s why he had no information concerning Yusif’s life.

Adigezalov Anver Safar oglu

Adigezalov Anver Safar oglu was born in Baku in 1969. On the 27th of June, 1992 he was called up for military serv­ice by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Ni­zami district. Adigezalov Anver served as a tanker in Aghdara district. On the 25th of September, 1992 during the fight for Drambon village of Aghdara district Anver was taken prisoner.

According to the words of his front-line comrades, they saw Anver’s burning tank and he could get off from it. Wounded Adi­gezalov Anver was taken prisoner by Arme­nians and kept in Upper Garabagh.

Release us from captivity (continuation-7)Adigezalov Feyruz Firudin oglu 

Adigezalov Feyruz Firudin oglu was born in Goychay town of Azerbaijan Republic in 1974. On the 27th of June, 1992 he was called up for mili­tary service by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Goychay district. On the 11th of October, 1992 Adigezalov Feyruz was sent to fight for Sefiyan village of Lachin district. On the 18th of October, 1992 he was taken prisoner near Sefiyan village.

According to the information of his father Adigezalov Firudin Merdan oglu, the Head of Department Noyemberyan district of Com­mittee of State Security of the Republic of Armenia said that he was kept in Investigatory Isolation of Department of Military Police. in Yerevan.

Release us from captivity (continuation-7)Agalarov Yashar Musa oglu

Agalarov Yashar Musa oglu was born in 1975. He took part in fights for Garabagh. On the 26th of April, 1994 Yashar was taken prisoner by Arme­nians in fight for Nemirli village of Terter district.

His father Agalarov Musa Salah oglu who lived in Khangarvand village of Goranboy district wrote a statement that while searching for his son, Abdullayev Tofig Ismayil oglu who lived in Dashushen village of Asgaran district (at present he lives, in «Zugulba» sanatorium in Baku, Buzovna settlement) got information that Armenian commander of regiment Armayis in Shusha town confirmed a list of 37 Azerbaijani pris­oners of war hidden from ICRC kept in Ar­menian regiment in Khankandi and Shusha and in the private houses. There was the name of Yashar in that list. The opposite side wanted to change them for Salatin Asga-rova’s killer Arkadi Ayriyan whose nick name was «Napoleon». But Ayriyan died and that’s why the change didn’t realize.

That information was confirmed by the following persons: father of prisoner of war Humbatov Khalid Ali oglu – Humbatov Ali who lived in Halchali village of Kelbajar dis­trict, father of prisoner of war Mukhtarov Telman Alisahib oglu – Mukhtarov Alisahib who lived in Nahavi village of Hajigabul dis­trict, father of prisoner of war Isayev Bakhtiyar Safar oglu – Isayev Safar Ali oglu who lived in Kelbajar district (at present he lives in Baku, Motodrom massif 8).

29.01.2013 11:39

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