Release us from captivity (continuation-9)

06.02.2013 | 11:39

1365573161_turme-zencirDear readers, we are going on presenting you Esmira Orjova’s book named “Release us from captivity” part by part.

The kept of captive Azerbaijan citizens in invaded Azerbaijan territories and in Armenia as a result of annexationist politics of Armenians, the witness stories which affirm that captives were exposed to torture and

agonies, also the facts collected due to the documents composed by international organization and representatives of opposite side are presented in the book to readers.

Agayev Mehdi Agamir oglu

Agayev Mehdi Agamir oglu was born in Barda district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1943. On the 23rd of July, 1993, during occupation of Aghdam district Mehdi and his relatives: Khalilov Vagif Ismayil oglu, Khalilov Natig Vagif oglu, Khalilov Vahid Ismayil oglu, Muradov Mahir Shirhan oglu and Mammadov Kamil Kamal oglu who drove a white car «VAZ 21-03» (public plate number 52-19 AQP) were taken hostages. According to the words of his aunt’s son Khalilov Rafig Ismayil oglu (he lives in Barda city, Sharq Street, 50), during occupation of Aghdam district his relatives including Agayev Mehdi were taken hostages and took to Khankandi town.

His relative Khalilova Elza Kamal gizi (she lives in Barda town, Sharg Street, 4) wrote a statement that her husband Khalilov Vagif, son Khalilov Natig including Agayev Mehdi were taken hostages by Armenians and taken to Khankandi town on the 23rd of Jule, 1993. The parents of missed Garoyan Arshavir Behbu-dovich rang them up and demanded to find their son and they would return her relatives.

According to the information of his rela­tive Khalilov Vagif and Khalilov Natig’s grandfather Khalilov Ismayil Akber oglu, (they were taken hostages by Armenian forces) he went to the battle field to get any information concerning relatives in 1993-1994. He connected with opposite side and found out that Agayev Mehdi and some rela­tives were taken hostages by Armenians, kept in the private houses in Khankandi, Khojavand and Shusha towns of Upper Garabagh. Armenians demanded to find Garoyan, they didn’t find him and that’s it was impossible to release them.

Agayev Mirpasha Seyidabbas oglu

Agayev Mirpasha Seyidab­bas oglu was born in Javad vil­lage of Sabirabad district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1976. In December of 1992 he was called up for military service by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Sabirabad district and then he was sent to fight for Garabagh. On the 17th of February, 1994 during the fight in Mehmane village of Aghdara district, he was taken prisoner by Armenians.

Agayev Mirpasha was kept in cell Nq 2 of Shusha prison. In the afternoon Albert forced him and 3 other Azerbaijani prisoners for heavy labour but in the evening he was taken to Shusha prison. Agayev Seyidabbas Seyidaga oglu who lived in Javad village of Sabirabad district got that information from Mirpasha’s front-line comrades.

Nabiyev Yusif Allahyar oglu who returned from Armenian captivity (he lives in Baku, Bakikhanov settlement, Akhundov Street, 10, app. 50), wrote a statement that he was kept with Agayev Mirpasha in the same cell during his captivity in Shusha prison in April-July of 1993.

Agayev Rasul Babakhan oglu

Agayev Rasul Babakhan oglu was born in Navadan vil­lage of Sabirabad district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1968. On the 12th of July, 1992 he was called up for military serv­ice by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Ali-Bayramli and was sent to Aghdam district. On the 15th of June, 1992 during the fight for Sirkhavand village of Aghdam district Rasul was taken prisoner by Armenians.

According to the information of brother of prisoner of war Atamoglanov Abulfat Sabir oglu – Atamoglanov Seyfulla Sabir oglu who lived in Kursengli village of Salyan district, while searching for his brother he met Gago in Georgia who lived in Lembeli village of Noyemberyan district of Armenia. Gago gave him a list of 14 Azerbaijani prisoners of war including the name of Agayev Rasul Babakhan oglu who kept by Armenians. Those prisoners were kept in Kirovakan of Armenian, then they were sent to Investiga­tory Isolation of Armenian Committee of State Security in Yerevan city. That informa­tion was given by Gago’s close relative Alik Sarumyan who was the head of Noyember­yan district Department of Armenian Committee of State Security.


Agayev Yalchin Rafig oglu

Agayev Yalchin Rafig oglu was born in Boyat village of Aghjabadi district of Azer­baijan Republic in 1973. On the 16th of July, 1993 during being on point duty in direction of  Galaychilar  village  of Aghdam ditrict Yalchin was taken prisoner by Armenian military men who took him as a prisoner and sent to unknown direction.

That fact was confirmed by his front-line comrades who stayed with him on point duty: Mammadov Shahin Amil oglu (Ganja city, Ganja settlement, app. 21/26), Shirinov Ramazan Aydin oglu (Shaki ditrict, Ashagi Goynuk village), Hasanov Ramiz Tofig oglu (Tovuz district, Donuk Girikhli village), Rzayev Eldaniz Oruj oglu (Aghjabadi district, Hajibadalli village), Manafov Arif Mustafa oglu (Guba district, Bagbanli village) and Abdurahmanov Gadir Abdurahman oglu (Shaki district, Biringi Bilejik village).


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