Release us from captivity

12.01.2013 | 15:35

1357990514_blurry_prisonDear readers, from today we will present you Esmira Orjova’s book named “Release us from captivity” part by part. The kept of captive Azerbaijan citizens in invaded Azerbaijan territories and in Armenia as a result of annexationist politics of Armenians, the witness stories which affirm that captives were exposed to torture and
agonies, also the facts collected due to the documents composed by international organization and representatives of opposite side are presented in the book to readers.


1357991139_bezymyannyyAbbasov Ayaz Akbar oglu

Abbasov Ayaz Akbar oglu was born in Aghdam town of Azerbaijan Republic in 1963. When Armenians began to attack Garabagh he defended native lands. On the 17th of February, 1992 soldiers of National Army came to Garadaghli village of Khoja-vand district. During the occupation of the same village Abbasov Ayaz with 17 men was taken prisoner and sent to Khankandi. Armenians put them to tortures at the prison.

According to the words of Huseynov llgar Gardashkhan oglu who returned from Armenian captivity and lived in Garadaghli village of Khojavand district (now he lives in Baku, Sabail district, Nemanzade Street, 17), Armenians kept them in a cellar full of water till knee in occupied Malibeyli village. Abbasov Ayaz was with them. Then Armenians took him with 4 prisoners to unknown direction.

That fact was confirmed by Nadirov Bayram Jahangir oglu who released from Armenian captivity and lived in Zayam village of Gakh district.


1357991182_bezymyannyy1Abbasov Adalat Vilayet oglu

Abbasov Adalat Vilayet oglu was bom in Hoshbulag village of Dashkasan district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1970. On the 11th of November, 1992 he was called up for military service by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Dashkasan district. On the 15th of November, 1992 during the fight for Childiran village Adalat was taken prisoner by Armenians.

According to the information of Rzayeva Shalala Nariman gizi who voluntarily served as a nurse at the army and lived in Dashka-san village, when she controlled the defense point of military unit a person connected by radio communication and informed that Abbasov Adalat from Hoshbulag village of Dashka-san district was kept in Asgaran in February of 1993. Armenians demanded 300.000 Russian rubles or 10 tones of petrol to release him and he asked to Inform about that to his parents. Later the connection was interrupted and then it was impossible to connect with him again.


1357991247_bezymyannyy2Abbasov Hikmet Aliheydar oglu

Abbasov Hikmet Aliheydar oglu was bom in Prishib settlement of Jalilabad district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1968. On the 15th of May, 1992 he voluntarily appealed to the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Surakhani district and was sent to Aghdam. On the 16th of August, 1992 during the fight for Yenikand height of Aghdam district he was taken prisoner.

His sister Abdullayeva Rafiga Aliheydar gizi (now she lives in Baku, Garachujhur settlement, 93, app.37) wrote a statement that her brother Abbasov Hikmet was missed during the fight for Yenikand height. That information was given by Hikmet’s front-line comrade and his neighbour Etibar Sardar oglu.

According to the information of Muradov Alik Fuad oglu who lived in Dag-Kesemen village of Aghstafa district, Abbasov Hikmet was kept in Khankandi town.


1357991269_bezymyannyy3Abbasov Natig Khanbala oglu

Abbasov Natig Khanbala oglu was born in Altiagach village of Khizi district of Azerbaijan Republic in 1974. In 1994 Natig was called up for military service by the Military Registration and Enlistment Office of Khizi district and served in military unit in Muganli village of Aghjabedi district. On the 27th of Aprel, 1994 during the fight for Khindirstan village of Aghdam district Abbasov Natig was taken prisoner.

When his father Abbasov Khanbala Heydar oglu searched for his son, he found out that on the 27th of April, 1994 Natig was missed at 10-11 o’clock during the fight in direction of Khindirstan.

Aliyev Nasreddin Hujran oglu (he lives in Balakan town, Narimanov Street, app.39A) wrote a statement that during the night from 26th to 27th of April, his sister’s son Vasovlar Mehman Sultanahmed oglu, Abbasov Natig Khanbala oglu with some other military men went to Bash Garvand village through Garvand village which occupied by Armenians and they were taken prisoners.

According to a statemnt of Tagiyev Mammad Gachay oglu who lived in Garadaghli village of Khojavand district (now he lives in Beylagan district), he knew Armenian and that’s why he was enlisted by the state to work with change of prisoners and hostages for a time. The representative of opposite side Abo said him that Abbasov Natig and other military men by car «ZIL-131» were taken hostages and kept in Upper Garabagh.

12.01.2013 15:35

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