Russia is not satisfied with neighborhood status in the region

29.07.2013 | 10:48

1375080379_fazil-mustafaFazil MUSTAFA

Member of the Parliament

Doctor of Philosophy

 Sometimes in mass media in interviews and statements of analytics we can see several approaches toward the solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Some of them claim that after solution Russia will lose its power in the region. It proves that Russia is planning to continue support existed conditions in Karabakh till implementation the future invasion plans and obtaining previous hegemony in the region. Russia is not satisfied with the neighborhood status and certainly will attempt to put an end to the independence of region states.

When Russia will go back from insistence policy of trying to coerce their orders to other states, the power of international law spontaneously will increase in the region and the solution ways of the region will occur. This is lying under Russia’s unwillingness of solution. Therefore solution of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not seen on the dawn, furthermore steps to backward are discerned. Russian factor in the region and European countries’ reluctance to find solution to this conflict does not give any hope for the change in the current situation. There are several reasons why the conflict has not been solved yet, however the countries which seem in ultimately different corners like USA, Russia, European countries and Iran support Armenian invasion in one or another way. We need to look forward that this policy will be juxtaposed. Mediators of OCSE from France and Russia can make Armenia not to sign the documents pertinent to the conflict. Their impact over Armenia is very powerful. At the same time Azerbaijan shows its character with not withdrawing from basic issues on the solution way. In our opinion this policy should last with great patience. In all cases we should try to continue increase and utilize resources of propaganda over Armenia in order to solve this conflict.


29.07.2013 10:48

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